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Naruto Shippuden Fillers and Annoying Flashbacks


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Hi there! I'm new in this community and as we all know that i need to create a forum before get access to torrents so i thought i should create a torrent about recent anime I'm watching. Well, I've watched a lot of animes like clannad, anohana, noragami, owari no seraph and much more and they were absolute masterpiece then i thought i should get into mainstream anime so i picked up naruto. I watched and really liked it till episode 140 or something then realised story and missions after that were getting boring(except comedy episodes). I Googled it and turned out they were fillers ( i still watched it tho). Took a long break then started watching shippuden and i don't know why anime is so famous. Yeah, the story and sudden twist are amazing but so many flashbacks killed it for me. I mean flashbacks once or twice were ok but 7-10 times!(I counted) Are you kidding me?! I've watched upto 53 episodes and i can't be the only one thinking that the plot that could've been shown in just 1 episode has taken 3-4 episodes to show. Annoying right?! Unnecessary repeated Flashbacks, wasting so much time steering at each other and first few mins for episode they show the exact ending scene that they shown in previous episode. Well, i really don't get it why it's so famous. There are thousands of better animes than this. Your thoughts?

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I know your pain I hate filler content. Naruto is one of the worst, another example is Bleach they have full on filler arcs. I would agree with you on there being better anime. I would guess the popularity is due to being broadcast in the the english speaking countries back in mid 2000s there wasn't many anime in the main stream. It was broadcast on Cartoon Network and  YTV which would have had a large young less discerning audience.

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