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Well Hello There...


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Hi all,


I'm Gyatsuku and well, I found Kametsu on my search for new Anime, where someone referred me here.


Hmm my top five anime is quite the difficult question for me as I like so many they are difficult to place, but for now I'll name Death-note, Stein;Gate, Monogatari Series, Ergo Proxy and Sword Art Online.


Top five games are a bit easier, Dragon Age:Origins(all time favorite), Dungeon Siege II, Dark Souls, TESV Skyrim and Witcher 2

Note. Still in the process of getting to DA3, Dark Souls 2 and Witcher 3 :P

Note. 2 I also really like Visual Novels, but I can't really put them in the same category as the ones above so I excluded them.

Note. 3 After pondering on my favorite game, I realized that to was difficult as I have so much, but to make it easy I excluded everything non-RPG :P


Other Hobbies include Archery, Music (Playing/Writing not listening, I play Guitar and busy learning Piano), learning new languages and sleeping :D


I tried to keep it short and sweet, if you have any further questions feel free to ask and I'll get back when able :P

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