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Just got here. A friend of mine suggested the site.


Haven't explored the site fully but looks good at the first glance. Will try to be here from time to time,and if I really like it,I'll be here more often.


Deciding top animes has always been tough for me. What I can say,among mainstream animes Gintama is the only one that attracted me.


Used to play games,dropped for a while and planning to make a good rig. Devil may Cry 4,Assassin's Creed series,Far Cry 3 are my top favorite games.


Cycling,reading books (not e-books),travelling were my hobbies once. Now they happen rarely. It seems I've got boxed with my PC. The only hobby I got left is picking my nose in free time...err!


Don't have a bit of graphics knowledge. Always try to avoid that.


No question for the time being. My nick is a bit long,bear with it. Cheers.

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