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Hello Everyone!


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Whats up people!


This is the first time I'm introducing myself on an anime community, so pardon any inappropriate comments!


It goes without saying that I'm an anime fan! My first anime, like most of you, was Dragon Ball Z! And yes Goku was my favorite character. Vegeta could have been the perfect one but he was not developed in proportion to the leading character. In fact all the characters in DBZ were ill matched in strengths. This type of 'one man show', I've come to realize do not appeal to me at all. This is the exact story with Bleach - an excellent series in the beginning but got dull by the moment. (my humble opinion only! :embarrassed: )


Recently, I finished watching Attack on Titan. The series was AWESOME!!! Why did it end on 25th Episode!?!?!?

I prefer English dubs over subs. Its only a preference though!


I hope you all welcome me to your community. It was fun writing this!!

Thanks for reading!!!! :ewhz:

Hope to hear from you all!!!


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