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M4he says hello!


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Hello Kametsu Community!


The name is Mahe (often stylized as M4he).

Here's my result of the introduction questionnaire:


How did you find Kametsu:

While googling stuff =)


What do you think of the place so far:

Seems like a sophisticated & polite community (what I've seen so far)


How active are you planning on being:

depends on my time ^.^'


Top five anime (wow it's hard to pick only 5):

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Gosick, Ore no Imouto, No Game No Life, Zero no Tsukaima


Top five video games:

Fairy Fencer F, Neptunia Victory, Atelier Rorona Plus, Battle Princess of Arcadias, Final Fantasy XIV


What other hobbies do you have:

Geeky IT stuff :P


Make any graphics:

No drawing (I can't draw ~.~) - just a bit Photoshop (wallpapers, skins etc.)


Do you have any questions for us:

Nope ^.^



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