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Introduction Requested

The Question

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  1. How did I find Kametsu?
  2. What do I think of the place so far?
  3. What are my top 5 anime?
  4. What are my top 5 video games?
  5. What are others hobbies do I have?
  6. Make any graphics?
  7. Do you have any questions for us?
  • I believe I just found it through Google; don't quote me.
  • Overall, I like it. It's not as active as I thought it would be, but the quality of the interactions I've had with other members so far is more than enough.
  • I'll be pretty active; I hope that down the line, I can contribute with my own encodes.
  • I don't like that wording; I will give you my top 5 favourite anime, in no particular order: GitS SAC (+2nd Gig); Fate/Zero; Great Teacher Onizuka; Cowboy Bebop; Death Note.
  • Christ, that's even harder. Dark Souls (Original); Guild Wars (original); Amnesia: Dark Descent; Jak IIGolden Sun: The Lost Age.
  • I think it's more hobbies I would like to get properly in, or do more of, than actually having: Hiking; rock-climbing; bike riding; paintball.
  • I do not have any questions. I am The Question.


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