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The Question

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I'm The Question. I've been semi-lurking for quite a while, using my friend's account, instead of making my own, because, well, I'm lazy.  ^_^

Before the Megaupload scandal and its' subsequent closure,  I was an active user of Anime-Anarchy-- a hello to all other former users--, and am a member of it's essentially now-dead successor, Knights of Zero. I also frequented the Cartoon-World before its' own closure as well, but I was very much in the background there. I can't say I haven't travelled a little.  ^_^

When I think about it-- although I haven't bothered to do any research to confirm this--, to me, it feels as if this forum is the last 'stronghold' for us users who prefer an active and organised medium for high definition anime accessed through direct-downloads, i.e. not torrents or IRC.

This is truly a haven for me and I thank all whom make this forum possible.

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