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Hey Y'all


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Just wanted to drop in and look around and found that it might be worth signing up for. I love anime and looking to fill my gap of haven't seen or watched. I found the site by looking to find someone that was creating torrents found on Nyaa and BakaBT, Shiro to be exact. I soon found Shiro's Anime Index and he has a good list and they have dubs which is a plus for me. I've become tired of reading and not watching lately. The site overall seems really good with a good bunch of folks hanging around. 


Anime that I love to watch would be Gundam. I'm a mecha fan boy at heart. I also like fantasy, comedy, magic, romance, and so forth. 


I'm love to play with computers and I've built four systems in the past (built for home server type til something gives out). Hobbys out side would be watching football and racing. 


Look forward to talking to a few of you. 

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