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Just saying HI


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I'm glad to be part of this community.


Not to get too personal, bit I live in Ohio (in the US), and I've been watching anime for almost 10 years now (my sister got me into it), and I'd like to visit forums and learn about new and old series, as well as an occassional manga.  I'd don't do any gaming, but it's fun to read about how people love or hate the newest versions of the franchises.


I watch most genres, as long as the series is enjoyable, has some wonderful characters, and maky make me look at life a little differently.  My favorite series include OreImouto (first season only), Black Rock Shooter, Gintama, and Sora no Woto.


I may comment from time to time, but I usually do not become very invovled with forums, unless it's a subject I can get passionate about.


Hope we can have a little fun from time to time!

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