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Introducing Myself?


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Hello everybody!


I have no idea what I'm doing here! I was invited to join by a friend on another forum who said this is a really good place. I have no idea what you all do and what you all talk about. So I'll be a lurker for a few visits until I work out what's going on.


A bit about me, I like lots and lots of TV shows, especially what's reffered to as kid's shows. Look up ABC3 in Australia and you'll get the idea. But there's lots of other shows I like, mainly comedy. In fact mainly old English comedy shows from the 1970's. I was "raised" on episodes of "The Goodies". I'm also heavily into music, though I've discovered I know hardly anything compared to lots of other people. I would say 1990's is my specialty but there's lots of 1970's stuff I like and a fair bit of 1960's and late 1950's. Yeah, the 1980's are awesome but I know almost nothing about it!


By the way, yes I am named after the Nicktoons character, but my real name isn't Reggie, I'm not a rocket, nor a girl. Sorry to disappoint!


~~ RR (this is how I sign my PM's)

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