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Hi I'm Dylan


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Hello Everyone, pleased to meet you! I like anime, but, I LOVE COMEDY ANIMES, good ones that is haha. Romcoms are also great, if done well (which is rare.)

Favorite Anime:

1. The World God Only Knows (10/10)

2. Spice and Wolf (Dub) (fantastic, love the dub as well)

3. Ah My Goddess (Dub)

4. BeelzeBub! (Hilarious)

5. Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (A laugh out loud anime)

6. Lovely Complex (this one had to be included, loved it)

7. Welcome to the NHK (wasn't great the whole way but it had some feels)

And a few favorite Manga:

Yotsuba& - this series is so great.

Good ending - Rushed Ending is more like it, but up until the fiery crash of the last arc it was fantastic. Had it not been for the ending and, imo some poor plot choices it could have been amazing. But it still was pretty great.

Although having said I love comedy animes, I do dislike a good 96.7% of them. I really dislike the vast majority including: clannad (yeah, that's right) and my bride is a mermaid and probably a good 30 others.

Because of my picky tastes I think I spend more time looking for worthwhile anime's than I do actually watching anime's. And that isn't much of an exaggeration haha. Anyway so those are my tastes. My favorite game is Shining Force 2 on the Sega Genesis. I'm also a techie and have turned it into a side job. I spend most of my time researching various things, and when I say various I mean everyday its something new. Today it was all about torrents and finding the best client for my nexus 7. Otherwise my time is divided between Manga and Anime. But I digress, have a nice day everyone,


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