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Hello everyone!


I've made my way over here from MiniTheatre, which has become something of a disappointment in the DA/Dub sections lately. After some non-intensive searching and poking about I found Kametsu... honestly, I couldn't tell you how, but it looks very promising. I am heavily engrossed by anime but activity is questionable; I do partake in discussions that aren't repeats of the same things I've seen again and again. I also do occassional re-encodes, if I have the time avaiable and the urge to compress the contents of my hard drives.


My top five anime... ehmmm... That's very hard to decide. I think I would always have to put Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, and Nabari No Ou very high on my list of tops, but I would also have to say .hack//Sign, Mushi-shi, Baccano!, Ouran Host Club, Black Butler, Chrno Crusade, Code Geass, Death Note... I'll stop there, but those and many more would also be held in very high regards. I couldn't stop at five. As video games go, the answer is just as indefinite. I play and have played many MMORPGs as well as console games. The best two, by far, that I have ever played, though they aren't strictly two games and definitely greater than five, are Star Ocean and Final Fantasy.


My other hobbies are woodworking (I build furniture and other sorts of handiwork,) drawing, fictional writing, singing (and parody writing,) and tinkering with electronics. I'm not into graphic design, though.

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