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names sal42, this would be my first forum i've ever been apart of.  Thats right, I am not nor have ever been on twitter, but my cousin made a fake facebook account and I played with that for a bit durring my visit.  I do have a youtube account, but other then that I'm not really active in any of those things. 


-I don't get it, we have youtube, facebook, twitter etc. how many do we need, really?  why not just combine them and call it 'youtwittface.'


my favorite anime would have to be...


One Piece

Yu Yu Hakusho

Dragon Ball Z

Death Note


My favorite cartoons are...


Avatar the last airbender

Looney Tunes


and I'm currently watching transformers prime (bought the whole series on bluray) and really injoying it.


I currently own a PS3, Xbox 360 (one of the first moddles), Super Nintendo, and a PS Vita and a 3DS XL, I do a bit of gaming here and there.


my favorites would have to be Ratchet and Clank 1, 2, 3, a crack in time, and into the nexus on PS3 and uhm...


havent gotten to much alls really, I have a lot of games I have yet to play and or finish.  I know its sad, but don't feel sorry for me, I'll survive. lol


yeah, hope to meet new people here and talk about things. 


Oh and Donkey kong country on snes,


DKC on SNES ftw


If I sound old, I'm not...


I am currently 21 and bought my snes in close to brand new quality just last year.

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