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hey there [again]


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hi everyone, like my user name says, i am zunaid.

  • been a member of cartoon world forum for some time so i was redirected here from cartoon-world.
  • so far, i am liking this place. but still don't see the point of changing the name and everything of the whole forum. but i'm sure there were technical issues and what not for the change.
  • as active as i can be actually... but no, truth be told, i wasn't that active before and slowly becoming more busy so yeah, you guys can expect about the same active-ness like before.
  • top five would be:  1.Naruto  2.Death Note  3.Spice and Wolf 4.Fate/Stay Night  5.The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. and i mention these names NOT according to my preference... it's extremely hard to rank these animes... i love them all.
  • playing a bit of games, reading tech stuff, trying to learn a bit of computer language etc etc...
  • not yet, but i like to think i am creative and i can sketch ok
  • not really... i think u guys are amaing to be honest. so much work and devotion is put to maintain these sites... i will definitely try to give back sth to this community one day!
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