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Hi everyone, I'm n00berer (I know it's dumb, but the name comes from PurePwnage ca. 10 years ago). I joined Kametsu via the Cartoon World forum. This seems like a great community and I'm glad to be here because I've actually been meaning to get more into anime. So far I've only seen Samurai Champloo and Baccano completely but I've been holding my breath for the US Bluray release of Cowboy Bebop. As far as video games, I've most recently been obsessed with indie games like Jazzpunk, Antichamber, and Fract but I'm also into more mainstream fare like Portal and Half-Life. I just finished Asura's Wrath too and that totally blew me away.


That's as much as I can think of right now, thanks for having me!

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