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Hi newbie here


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New to Kametsu.Awid fan of good anime.Want new good anime.Anime's i have watched & liked are:

Angel beats,
attack on titans
,berserk the golden age arc,
black lagoon,
code geass
,darker than black
,deadman wonderland
,dusk maiden of amnesia
,eden of east (incl.movies)
ergo proxy
,fate zero
ghost hound
,ghost in the shell
,guilty crown
,High school of the dead
,kokora connect
,say i love you,
paranoia agent
Psycho pass
Phantom of the requiem
,madoka magica
,serial experiment lain
,shinshekai yori
,Steins gate
,mirrai nikki,
welcome to nhk,
when they cry
Kara no Kyoukai (yet to watch all)
I like good psychological thriller/mystery/horror kind of anime.Suggest some

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