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Just a friendly hello. Coming over here from Cartoon World. Wasn't particularly active over there, hopefully that'll change.


I've been an anime fan for quite some time now, preferring the more... Violent variety, Berserk, Hellsing (either), to list a few. I also like to watch it dubbed, though I do realize the japanese voice acting is, quite often, vastly superior to the english. Sadly, it seems more and more anime is aimed at the pg-13 crowd these days, not that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed series like Trigun, Outlaw Star, Steins;gate. Just seems that series' like Claymore or Texhnolyze are fewer and farther between, let alone with an english dub.


I imagine the cost to create such series, coupled with sales, plays the biggest role, as the same thing is happening with hollywood movies, all needing to reach the broadest audience as possible to try and ensure no losses are incurred. 


The last two series I saw were Attack on Titan and The Garden of Sinners (both subbed, got tired of waiting for something good with a dub), which I both enjoyed. I know Attack on Titan is getting quite a bit of fanfare, while I just found the show to be "very good", I can only hope that it goes on to do extremely well, and encourages other studios and companies to create new series in similar veins, and less adaptions to be toned down from their manga counterparts (though I wouldn't be surprised to hear that AoT was actually toned down itself). A guy can hope, right?

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