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I too am new


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Hello everyone.


I heard about this place through word of mouth, and decided, why not join? haha


I live in Australia and love to play games, watch television, and have a firm love of classic thrash metal (not that gross new screamo stuff thats popular today)


I'm not too into anime, but I have watched Gurren Lagann, Persona 4: The Animation and am nearing the end of Death Note. (Can anyone recommend me anything!?)


I hope to be a nice part of this community!

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Well mate welcome to the forums..new myself, just joined yesterday..Everyone here is sound and good craic so it should be good...

If I had to personally recommend something to watch out of the thousands of series out there, I would definitely recommend Code Geass..similar to Death Note in that it has a great storyline, plenty of plot twists, likeable characters, plus it deals with a lot of mature themes and really makes you think, but Code Geass is more action orientated compared to Death Note...

Anyway, welcome and enjoy...

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Welcome to the forum, SaX! I've already seen you around a bit, so I'm glad you've made yourself comfortable. If you haven't already, go ahead and head down to the Recommendations area and see if anyone can help you out there. You're more likely to get a response there than here, haha.


I hope you continue to enjoy your stay!



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