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Semi-obligatory introductory topic..?


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I would have preferred to be able to edit my profile first, but I digress. I'm more of one to read stuff on forums rather than create an account and post in them, yet here I am, introducing myself.

Some of my favorite videogames are the Tales of Series, The World Ends With You, Muramasa (the controls are just nicer than Odin's Sphere), and practically any Kirby game. I guess my favorite anime includes Bounen no X'amd, Baccano!, and Eve no Jikan. Beyond that, I enjoy reading and collecting decks of playing cards from places I've been to.

Looking forward to seeing people around the forums.

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But by the time you've made fifteen posts, you won't need to introduce yourself anymore! SIlly.


But yes, I know that feel. I tend to lurk on most other fora, especially others that tend to be a bit more cliquish and/or closed to newcomers, but otherwise have good information. I hope you'll find this forum comfortable enough to make your home, though!

Enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions, please let us know!

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Hey there :D found that site today and was thinking i just registering :) Well, 15 posts... that is for sure not that much to reach ;) I am a general lover of good Sci Fi and Fantasy stories, love to listen to Noncommercial Open Source Electronica

Seems to be a nice place here btw. :D

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