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Who is your faviorite kuinochi?

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:greedy: which one to chose !? Tsunade ,Kurenai , Hinata , Ino , TenTen , Sakura :sexy_girl: I rather be dead than comparing these babes :dhh:

All-right , enough with these perverted thoughts ; Lets get a bit serious .

Tsunade although she is beautiful looking she is actually over 50 , and she is using a jutsu to look young . This is so disgusting , she is the Hokage and she is lying to everyone , to be honest she's just living a lie and that's so very wrong but other than that she's just flawless . In my opinion there is not a single female character who can be compared with her curves.

Kurenai , she is such a beautiful looking character but the most striking features are her eyes and her beautiful long hair . There is something hypnotic about her red eyes and her long hair just takes the breath away. Her beauty is not of the jaw-dropping type but the one to be admired. But the problem with her is that she played a kind of important role( not much actually) in original Naruto , but in the shippuden she's just a nobody.

Hinata , she's one of hottest character and according to a lot of fans all around the world she's fav female character in Naruto. She's hot ,even a whacky-crazy-douchebag can understand that. In shippuden it's " JINGLE (Jiggle) ALL THE WAY " for her. But problem is she is one of the supporting characters in Naruto , it's true that she was the only one who pumped Naruto up during the chunin exams , she was only person who looked along while Naruto left the village , and She was the only person who risked her life and almost died while trying to rescue Naruto when Pain captured him and even with all the things she has done , doesn't change the fact that she just a supporting character who couldn't get to hit a decent punch in a action anime and this is the cold-hard truth.

Ino , this character is just sexy . She's a kind of character for whom guys would lie down on the ground and say ' hey , Babe ! walk on my chest ' . But in the end she's also just a supporting character who didn't have much impact on the show.

TenTen , she's also just a supporting character but she's one of the few characters who can be called sweet. Although there were a few fight scenes involved with her but she isn't loud screaming banshee like few other characters and I find her cuteness 2nd to Hinata's. But Yeah she's just a supporting character.

Sakura , well... , what to say.......... , THIS BABE'S THE REAL DEAL. She's the Heroin of the show , Her fighting skills are on same ground with Tsunade's , she has surpassed Tsunade as a med-nin and what not. Sure she not the appealing type but her other attributes just covers her lack of curves.

And in the end there are a few other characters , Anko , The Fifth Mizukage ,

Temari , Konan but these characters had very little roles in the anime till now. But konan is the expection I guess as far I have seen SHE'S THE HARDEST HITTER AMONG THE BABES . She had the guts to take on Madara all by herself and almost Killed him.

Now to answer the Question: My favorite Kuinochi = SAKURA , there's no one more versatile than Her.

But I want Hinata to end up with Naruto , there is no one more compatible than Her.


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Hinata or sadly, Sakura.

In the original Naruto, I HATED Sakura.

But in the Shippuden, she kind of got some balls. lol. I like that she isn't as weak as she used to be. and she can actually help in a situation. Also, her personality changed which is what I was hoping for the whole time I was watching the series because I couldn't stand her.

And as for Hinata, She's pretty freakin awesome. I've never felt like I had to kill her...so she's a solid choice!

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