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  1. im thinking of getting the new mario kart on the wii U. seems to be a lot of fun. Me too! I tried it out at a GameStop, it was actually a ton of fun. We're trying to save up a little money in order to get the Wii U and that's more than likely the first game we're purchasing. i too need to save up a bit. have so many things i want, just not enough cash. but im keeping mario cart in the top 3 of next purchases.
  2. im thinking of getting the new mario kart on the wii U. seems to be a lot of fun.
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    Welcome to Kametsu dont be afraid to give comments and share your opinion. Have fun.
  4. i have an ipad, LOVE it. but i also have a galaxy S4. personally i prefer the Samsung phones above the iphone. Apple has amazing syncing between its products, but as iv heard (dont own a samsung tablet or TV) Samsung phones are improving their syncing between their products. just my 10cents.
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    Welcome to Kametsu friend. hope you enjoy your stay. stay active. lovely community, even though is a bit dead at the moment.
  6. well my nickname is eddy, so one day at a party a drunk friend called me edder. has been my nick on most sites and games since then. not as cool a backstory as some of the other members xD
  7. Enjoy >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90rHFreKjvs&feature=kp
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    hi all!!

    Adventure Time for the win! MATHEMATICAL!! Welcome to the forum.
  9. Dear lord Dark Souls is giving me all hell. iv put it down for a month now. ill get back to it once my patience has returned. I am currently on my second play through before I move on to Dark Souls 2. It is a good game and addictive to me anyway. i do agree on how addictive it is. but it is just as infuriating!!!!! my friend keeps telling me to get a walkthrough, but to me that defeats the purpose of playing a difficult game. i really hope i do finish it eventually.
  10. i get the feeling this forum has died down quite a bit :/

    1. LimitLess
    2. Edder


      i remember good ol days where there was non stop posting on this forum. i even got a internet abuse warning at work because of this site. now it seems everyone is just here to download.

    3. LimitLess


      That's kinda it nowdays. But we still have those few that still post.

  11. Dear lord Dark Souls is giving me all hell. iv put it down for a month now. ill get back to it once my patience has returned.
  12. ^this..... just this..... you sir, WIN! i use to avoid the over the top echi stuff, but i have come to terms with it. its just another part of anime and manga. if the story is good and keeps me interested, then panty shots or tig old biddies aren't going stop me from watching it.
  13. wizard barristers. im on episode 7 now, but im not quite sure how i feel about it yet....
  14. the way its going now, the series is gona have to go on an hiatus, cause there is another 2 series worth of books. unless mr Martin can release the book in the next 2 years (at the pace he writes, it could take forever). i really hope the series creators dont decide to finish it on their own :/ if mr Martin is doing what he did with book 4 and 5, then we may receive book 6 and 7 at the same time.
  15. :/ doesnt seem like you will be online anytime soon. guess ill just have to spam you, just in case you return :P

    1. Edder



  16. You're telling me these people haven't watched DBZ. That's like the most popular anime in history(even though most consider it a cartoon) Ignorance is abundant here :/
  17. Edder

    Hello All

    Welcome friend.
  18. mmmmm..... id say Madara Uchiha and .... mmmm definitely Zaraki Kenpachi
  19. I used to be ashamed to say i watch anime, because the classic reaction was "you mean that cartoon porn?" After this the long ass conversation would start to try and educate these poor ignorant souls that there is a big difference between hentai and anime. i think if they would just watch a proper anime series with an open mind they could be shown the light, but of course theses people approach the anime with a negative mind set, so its impossible to convince them most of the time. But as i have grown older, i have been inclined to care less what others think of my hobbies. I will always love and watch anime. i no longer care about saying i watch it in conversation. and sometimes you even get the random person jumping into your conversation when he hears you are talking anime. that always makes my day. I have nothing against any mainstream anime. if i enjoy it, then i watch it. no matter how popular it is. i think we should also show more gratitude towards mainstream anime, as this is usually my go to anime to convert non anime fans into big ass anime fans. iv digressed from the actual question though.... i guess its just seen as something for children. i find this very narrow minded, as there are many cartoons for adults and some anime are definitely not made for children.
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    Hi Friends. Here are two AMV's iv made. It needs alot of improvement, so if you could give some advice it would be appreciated. you are welcome to drop the advice in my showcase where i will be adding more vids: http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/42906-edders-showcase/#entry384439 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqt3b7wKfqE&feature=youtu.be >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCofg4jpKV0&feature=youtu.be
  21. ....... im probly gona get slaughtered here, but i never finished Code Geass...... i dont know why, i lost interest somewhere in episode 6 or 7. Was watching it after Death Note, so it just wasnt stimulating enough..... i should probly give it another go -__-
  22. currently reading: Kimi No Iru Machi BTOOOM The Breaker: New Waves Shingeki no Kyojin Ao no Exorcist Break Blade
  23. i know im a bit behind, but i started reading Kimi No Iru Machi a few weeks ago...... and i havent been able to stop. didnt think id be into the whole romcom thing, guess i was wrong. loving this manga. i was never a manga person, till the Deadman Wonderland Anime ending did not satisfy me.
  24. hahahahahaha!! i had such a good laugh at this. Yes Haruto Kirishma does do quite a bit of those infuriating stuff. i only started reading it recently. Even through all the stupid stuff he does, i still cant stop reading. im nearing the latest chapter, so iv started slowing down. hate finishing a manga or having to wait for more chapters
  25. Currently reading A Long Walk to Freedom. The exceptional auto biography of Nelson Mandela. How is the Memory series? i finished Otherland a while back. Loved it!! dude, you can not go wrong with the Game of Thrones collection. i am so amped for the next book. just hope the old man can finish it before he falls in the coffin.
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