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Hello! I am new here.


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I am an (uhhh) older gentleman who still enjoys anime. I started collecting years ago for my children, since I did not like the junk on US TV. It started an anime interest for all (with the exception of my wife!).

I have enjoyed many different ones. As long as they have a real story to tell and are not just violence or fan service, I will probably like them. My daughter (now almost 12) likes Azumanga Doiah. (Did I spell that right?).

I know I am among a lot of young people here, but I appreciate this form of entertainment!


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I don't care how old you are neither should you! It's all about how you feel, or at least that's what I've always believed. Might be a little odd, though; I was telling that to the other kids way back in middle school when '20' was old and '30' was ancient to most of them.

Welcome aboard, though -- I just joined about an hour ago, myself. Pleased to meetcha.

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