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Dear fellow anime watchers


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Hi everbody I hope you are all well.

My name is Rafael and I am a huge anime fan.

I watched already dutch dubbed anime when I was kid.

Though I didn't know it was anime back then.

But almost all the tv I loved was anime, for example Nils Holgsersson.

Such beautiful drawing unlike many other cartoons and I liked the total atmosphere around it. So yeah I have been watching anime all my life.

But the first time I was aware of watching anime was watching a movie from Naruto which was like 4 years ago and I was immediatly hooked on Anime.

A whole new world was there for me to explore and I have watched some really great stuff and can't get enough of it. Though of course I still need to do other things then watching anime and I do that too. But I enjoy watching anime while I eat or just want to relax. My favourite director is of course Hayao Miyazaki, mr. Anime. His movies really are a piece of art and every shot is like a painting so beautiful. So yeah this was my introduction hope to watch a lot of good anime in the future. Dattebayo! :P

Warm hugs to everyone.


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