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Hello, everyone.

I stumbled across this site and I thought to myself, "Why not join here? I do like anime." So I did.

I guess I should tell you guys (and gals) about what anime I've been in to.

My favourite anime series so far is Ghost in The Shell.

The anime I'm currently wacthing is well... quite a few (I was never good at sticking to one anime.)

I guess I could list them:-


The Mecaholy of Hurahi... whatever her second name is.

Samurai Champloo

Ghost in The Shell (one more episode)

Rozen Maiden

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Star Ocean


Full Metal Panic

Gundam Wing (On lawd, I haven't wacthed this in a while)

Chaos Noah

Chrome Shelled Regios

One Piece

and Lucky Star.

(Um... Longer list than expected. Whoops.)

Just about everything on that list I've nearly finished.

I am a gamer as well, play arcade games or JRPG's.

Well, I hope I enjoy it here and get along with everybody.


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