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So you’d like to donate to our server eh? Support will help with the maintenance of the website and server that are crucial to running our group. Benefits include donator status on our community forum and Discord and +v in our IRC channel @ #[email protected]

If you have any questions or suggestions about this feel free to PM Koby on the forum, Discord, or in IRC. Kametsu thanks you for your support.

Below you’ll find various buttons to donate the amount you wish. If you want to donate a different amount that doesn’t exist, contact me and I’ll add the proper button. Unfortunately we’re not able to set it up so that you can input amounts.

We utilize Stripe to offer donation options from debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Again, thank you for your support to our wonderful community!

[simpay id=”1735″] [simpay id=”1737″] [simpay id=”1740″]

[simpay id=”1738″] [simpay id=”1741″] [simpay id=”1742″]

[simpay id=”1743″] [simpay id=”1744″] [simpay id=”1745″]

[simpay id=”1746″]

If you’d prefer to donate via Skrill or Google Wallet, you can contact Koby by email, IRC, Discord, or PM on the forum.

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