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Anras Rune

PAX Machina, a RazoRune Collaboration

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Prologue: The Legatus

Power Armor, the invention that changed the world, in more ways than imaginable. From the depths of the ocean to the vacumm of space these miraculous machines could be found everywhere. Due to their excellent protection, their amazing adaptability and their relative ease of use power armor had spread throughtout the world faster than wildfire.

Then someone had an idea, one bright little flicker of thought that set things in motion he couldnt possible have thought would, or could happen. Make them a sport. Again the world changed and the Power Armor World Games were born, with its posterchild the PAXT, Power Armor Xtreme Tournament.

And so the sport was born, all the violence anyone could need just without the unwanted side affect of death, at least not often. The "athletes" came from all walks of life but they all sought the same thing, fame and glory. Most never attained this goal, but some occasionally captured the hearts of the crowd, the media and its seems the very heavens bowed down before them.

One of these men was Lambert Collins or, as the world knew him, the Legatus...


"This is a God damn mess! How the hell did it come to this!" screams an unknown figure in the shadows, directing his rage to a young man dressed in a suit, a tailored pinstripe coupled by a white shirt and black tie. The young man didnt seem to flinch at this abrupt outburst and was breathing in a deliberate manner.

"You see, sir, the public has grown accustomed to them," replied the man in a low tone, as if trying not to wake someone,"we can't get rid of them now."

"Buu...Hmmm... Your right as always, but you've missed out one way we can go about this..."

"And that is, sir?"

"Hmpf! We split them up, we use the Reapers," snorted the figure in the darkness.

"Right away sir..."



>PAXT FINAL 2119, DEC 14, 23:45


The Legatus surveyed this melee before him. They flanked us! How the hell did they do that! I know this god forsaken arena like the back of my hand! The battle infront of him was a mess. His men's formation had broken within minutes of the battle, both fireteams being left aimless in the confusion.

I have to sort this out!

Lambert drew his blade, a small sword similar to the old Roman gladius, and selected anti personnel missiles on his interior HUD. Running down the side of the small hill he had been perched upon he aimed at a pair of targets, two Reapers with black patchy armor that made them resemble scarecrows, and fired.

Two small missiles, 30 cm long each, launched from a small, concealed launcher on his shoulder, and flew with a howling pitch into the air. About a second later another Reaper was closing in on Lamberts position at a steady pace, in the same way a bear would chase a deer. This Reaper had a more hulking profile and was armed with a large hammer that could easily cave in a mans skull. Lambert raised his blade in the air and let out a menacing bellow.

A moment later the AP missiles came howling out of the night and hit there respective targets, who both went hurtling into the night. The brute making his way towards Lambert was momentarily distracted. You're mine! Lambert leaped the remaining distance between them and landed on the Reapers chest, feet first. With a swift sweep of the sword he went to remove the Reaper's throat, but as with all close range weapons in the World Games, it passed straight throught leaving no trace, other than a limp body.

The Legatus straightend up as he checked the battle's progress on his HUD. The Reapers progress bar went down a little, while the Legio's went up. But it wasn't enough. We've lost this one, and in the final too... He turned towards his remaining troops and thought to himself, We be aswel go out fighting, as he charged into the fray, firing off everything he had left and roaring all the way...

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Prologue continued: Disgrace


>PAXT FINAL 2119, DEC 15, 00:06


The Legatus charged into the fray, roaring as he went. He reached the fray within seconds and drove through the first three ranks of Reapers in his way. As they thrashed about, flailing, he made a succesion of quick stabs left and right to keep away their allies. He then gripped the nearest Reaper, a medium weight armor with a grouping of spikes coming out of each shoulder and a skull face, by the neck then proceeded to lift him up. By the time he was roughly at head height Lambert thrust his sword through his chest, instant kill, and threw him at an approaching enemy.

"To ME, my brothers, TO ME!" Lambert screamed while slashing another would be attacker in the face. He had realised they were to spread apart to mount even the most basic defense, while the Reapers were ripping his men apart.

As the few survivors tried to make their way towards the Legatus another Reaper had closed in. Lambert watched as the Reaper shot one of his men in the back and threw his axe at another. The Legatus lifted his arm, pointing at the assailant, and selected the hidden uzi mounted in his wrist armor. With the clenching of his fist he fired a controlled burst into the Reaper, taking him out. With a sweeping movement he unloaded the rest of the uzi's clip into the surrounding Reapers, making sure not to hit his retreating men. His HUD informed him that he was out of ammo, and time. The match was reaching it's final minutes and they had lost five eighths of their men.

"Well boys, seems we've lost this one," commented Lambert to his comrades, "shall we give them a night to remeber?"

"HURAH!" shouted the men in unison, as the charged into the Reapers...


"Well sir, what did you think of the results?" said the man in the pinstripe suit to the stranger.

"Perfect...I heard that the Legatus is retiring, as is his entire team," replied the stranger with an obvious air of contempt in his voice.

"Do you think he suspects anything?"

"We'll soon find out..."

Prologue End

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Chapter 1: Double R

The crowbar swung towards Silas' head and he ducked. As he got back up, a metal fist thudded into his skull, sending him sprawling to the turf. His vision clouded and his head was pounding. The two thugs he was fighting, laughed.

" So this is the famous Rune? Pathetic!" Silas grinned. He lept to his feat and snarled. His crimson red armour shone. He activated the one missile he had left. Using his eye-piece to direct it, he aimed just above his opponents' heads. Firing, he leapt forward, drawing his long dagger. As they staggered back in shock, he slashed the nearest one's torso diagonally. The armour's power immediately cut.

" Shit, I'm out!" exclaimed the man. Hearing his comrade fall, the remaining fighter rushed at Silas.

" I'll kill you!" he yelled. As he was about to strike Silas with his crowbar, a figure appeared, slashing his arm off. The warrior screamed and collapsed to the floor. The assembled spectators gasped.

" You're late," muttered Silas. Danny grinned.

" It's Razor!" yelled a voice.

" Razor and Rune! Double R!" yelled another.

" Double R! Double R! Double R!" chanted the hundred strong crowd. Danny winced.

" I hate that name. It's so cheesy." he moaned. Silas laughed. The fighter Silas had beaten staggered over to Danny.

" It's a sport! Why did you have to chop his arm off?!" Danny looked at him coldly.

" We're not pro's. We don't have any rules. This is just away of putting food on the table"

Silas suddenly punched the man, sending him flying.

" This isn't the big time. This is the streets," he said. A tall man came up to them.

" Good job boys!"

" Shut up Ray. Just give us the money," said Danny. He hated this man's guts. Silas intervened before it turned ugly.

" How much did we make today, boss?" he asked, cheerfully.

" 300 PPs each," answered the beaming gangster, as he handed them two wads of cash. Danny walked away.

" Thanks." said Silas, before hurrying after him. When they were a fair distance away, Danny turned to Silas and cursed.

" Only 300? That guy is a prick!"

" This sucks man!" moaned Silas. They walked for a bit longer, with Danny calling Ray every name under the sun, when Silas stopped.

" It's the Legatus!" he exclaimed.

" What? Where?!" asked Danny. Silas pointed in the distance. Danny spotted a tall man, being surrounded by a gang of 5 or 6 men.

" Uh-oh," he muttered.

" That looks bad," noted Silas.

" Help him?" asked Danny, hopefully. Silas sighed.

" Fine," he smiled. Danny whooped.

" Let's kick some ass!"

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Chapter 2: Drunken Fun

Danny and Silas made their way quietly down the alleyway, towards the crowd. There was five men surrounding a sixth, who Silas had pointed out was the Legatus, and they seemed to not be on friendly terms. The Legatus seemed oblivious to his current predictment. He was swaying in the midst of them.

The pair of would be rescuers had managed to sneak almost the entire distance between them and the crowd when they could start hearing the conversation between the two parties.

"...you know that you were told not to come back. You know the consequences..." said one of the men in a cool, commanding voice. The man had an air of cold control surrounding him. His men seemed to shy away from him, as if he was about to explode.

"C'ns'qwences?" slurred the Legatus, who was having trouble standing straight.

"Dire consequences. You don't seem to reckonise me, do you, you drunk fuck," said the man with the cool voice as he removed his helmet. As the face piece started to fold away the Legatus seemed to stare in shock at the man in front of him.

"Iori...? You dumb f'ck I'll...I'll...I...f'ck you uppp!"

With that the Legatus threw a punch at the newly uncovered face of Iori, who simply leant back and watched the punch fly past.

Danny looked at Silas with a demanding look on his face. He nodded his head towards the group with a smile on his face, which seemed unappropriate. Silas raised his hand with three fingers raised. Danny pulled out, and readied, his kriss sword and as it unfolded Silas began the countdown...


Both Danny and Silas stood up and charged towards the crowd. Silas had pulled out his mace and was charging ahead. Danny was weaving behind Silas with his kris at the ready. The group was caught by suprise as Silas carreened into them. All except Iori were knocked over, or stumbled out the way. Iori had sidestepped out the way by the time Danny had reached the thugs on the floor. Danny started prancing around the thugs and jabbing them with his sword as they started to move, but was interupted by Iori as he drop kicked him in the chest.

Meanwhile Silas had picked up the Legatus and pulled him to safety. He had fallen unconsious in all the commotion, either from the alcohol or the jolting movement of Silas picking him up. He laid him down gently on the floor and turned to see how things were going. He saw Razor fighting the Iori guy and it seemed evenly matched. They both parried each other's blows just before contact and used the momentum of each attack against each other. But neither seemed too land a blow.

Rune started to run towards the fighting pair but decided to let them fight it out. Instead he veered off to the side and made his way to the rest of the group, who were starting to recover properly. He raised his mace and roared at the nearest man, who was reaching for a pistol on his hip. He didnt reach it. Rune brought the mace down on the mans shoulder with a thundering blow, completely caving in his Armor's shoulder plating and from the sound of the blow, destroying his shoulder altogether. Next he spun around the now incapacitated foe and hit another thug, who was trying to aim a shotgun at him, in the right arm, then ribs and watched the man collapse in pain on the floor, coughing blood up all over Rune's crimson Armor. He turned towards the remaining two, saw them trembling in fear at the sight of him, and he twisted the handle of his mace. A selection of choice spikes and flangling proturded from his once spherical mace with a definate SNAP! The two men seemed to jump out their skin and decided to run away. Rune lowered his mace and laughed at his cowardly foes.

All the while Razor and Iori were battling it out, seemingly endless flurries of blows were exchanged back and forth, back and forth. Iori's rapier like sword allowed him a much faster speed but the heavier kriss of Razor knocked it aside like a stick. Razor made a sweep at Iori's legs, which he dodged with a hop, and next his neck but Iori had raised his sword and parried the sweep. Iori then proceeded to jab at Razor's knee in an attempt to push him back, but Razor had already forced Iori's blade upwards and grabbed his hand. Iori was taken by surprise by this brash move and dropped his sword, instead grabbing Razor's head and nutting him in the face. Slightly dazed, Razor stumbled back a little and gave time for Iori to pull out his pistol, a monster of a weapon in a revolver style, and aim at Razor's head. Razor looked up and raised his hand to stop him, activating his Armor's special ability, a point defense shield. He got it in place just in time to stop the .50 round that Iori fired at him, and ducked down. Iori, surprised at the shield, hesitated at the sudden change in situation and presented Razor with an opertune opening. Danny rose up from his kneeling position, bringer his kriss up at the same time to uppercut Iori in the chest, but missed by a fraction when Iori jumped backwards, and only managed to scratch Iori's Armor.

They both faced each other down from a few paces apart, but were interupted by the rest of Iori's men fleeing past him in fear and the unmistakable sound of Silas's footsteps. Iori stared Razor in the face and said,

"This isn't over, next time you die."

And with that he ran out the alley, picking up his sword on the way past, leaving Silas and Danny panting in the alleyway, wondering what the hell they had gotten themselves into...

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DID Iori just drop kick Danny!!!??? epic back and forth, too bad the battle came to an untimely end, very much looking forward to the rematch and next chapter, haha Iori was made to seem like a gunslinger very cool great job but too bad Iori was not able to demonstrate his electric/static abilities

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      Chapter One -- Welcome to Write Club



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      The second rule of Write Club is you never say when a story is a rip off.


      Mononymous Henna told everyone she was a proofreader for Rolling Stone, but we all knew she worked the sandwich cart. Henna came to Write Club to get feedback on her song lyrics. Like every other singer-songwriter hopeful, she wanted to fuck a rock star and believed that meant she had vocal talent. She wore black and boots and died her hair jet because that's what she thought was cool. She was going to bring the hard rock back to pop music. Her music was shit but she had a cute face and eye-liner, so maybe she could achieve her dream if she learn how to stuff her bra.

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      The third rule of Write Club is that you give any writing exercise a chance, no matter how bat-shit it sounds.


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      The fourth rule of Write Club is that you don't use words like “hack.”


      When I created Write Club, I was looking for a place to practice my craft. I always believed that words were magic, that they had the power to build new worlds and realities. Sir Lancel believed that, which is why he wrote Conan rip-offs and colored them with rings of power, it's why he wrote escapist fantasies where good also won. He knew that words could create the worlds that didn't exist but should, the ones we need to survive. Sir Lancel understood that we would all burn in hell if we never thought to write ourselves a heaven. When I started Write Club, I was looking for a creative space to build my own heaven.


      The fifth rule of Write Club is that you always find something nice to say about a piece before you critique it.


      “It's shit,” Lucius said. “Another Lord of the Rings rip. The world doesn't need another one of those.

      Sir Lancel cringed.

      “The sixth rule is honesty;” Lucius shrugged.

      “At least include what you liked about it,” I said.

      “I liked that it ended,” he replied. “Took it bloody long enough.”


      One more thing about Lucius: He wasn't British, he just thought it was cool to steal vocabulary from the BBC.


      “I liked the world you created,” Jennifer offered. “It was. . . big. Epic and all that. I liked the map you drew of it all.”

      “Yeah,” Henna followed, “real big, really complex. Like a movie. I liked that. And the bit with the snakes was creepy.”

      “He'd never make it in Hollywood,” Lucius muttered. I frowned.

      “Neither have you,” Sir Lancel whispered dryly, eyes lowered, lips static.

      “Up yours, Harry,” Lucius spit, tipped back in his chair; Henna touched his shoulder; Sir Lancel took a hit from his inhaler.


      His real name was Harry, but he went by Sir Lancel Aincroft, his D&D name. He was fat and tall and smelled like his job at Burger King. When he worked the fryer, he had to wear a hairnet around his wild neck beard. He studied computer repair at the local technical college and sent anti-Creationist letters to the school board as a herald of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a sort of sauce-strewn Cthulu. He swore off alcohol and drugs, but always kept the emergency inhaler he didn't need nearby for a few inebriating puffs.


      When it was my turn I told everyone about the snake that whispered to my protagonist in his sleep. I told them about how crazy it was driving him and that I was beginning to suspect I had an ending – between you and me, the hero goes nuts and axes the shit out of his bride to be.

      “Does somebody die?” Henna asked. “Somebody always dies in your stories.”

      I smiled.

      “It's horror, not pop music.” Lucius said. “Of course somebody dies. Somebody has to die.”

      “Why though?” She asked. “Wouldn't it be more of a surprise if they didn't?”

      “What can I say –” I laughed – “every spell requires sacrifice. I guess mine take it in blood.”

      “Be careful with that dark stuff, man,” Lucius warned.

      “Said the Satanist?” Jennifer raised her eyebrow.

      “It's not for everyone,” he retorted; I smiled; Sir Lancel turned his head away from the entire scene.

      “My song today is about finding true love on Craigslist and finding out it's your spouse,” Henna said, beaming in her ingenuity.


      The second rule of Write Club is you never point out when a story is a rip off.


      On the bus, I was struck with a vision of my story, I saw what it could be and what it should be. I felt it run through my blood like a virus, an amoeba swimming as fast as possible to my death. I pulled out my cell phone and, chubby fingers fumbling over the touchscreen, I wrote the last act of my story. The words were there; the spell was written. All that was left for me to do was to put it all together and cast it on the world.

      When I got home, I was happy to be done for the night. My daily word count achieve, I was content to give myself over to slumber. I quickly stripped to my boxers, climbed in to bed, and let a snake-fueled ax-murder drift gently out of my mind – or perhaps it just sunk deeper in.

      After I went to bed I woke up in my protagonists room. A three-legged crow tapping it's nine talons impatiently against my dresser. It was crimson red and flecked with gold. The bird opened it's mouth to caw, but nothing came out. All I could hear was the hissing.

      “Sssacrificce,” I heard, turning instinctively to the golden snake in the aquarium by the bed.

      I straightened in the bed and tried to stand up, but, as I turned to stand up, I realized my legs were both flayed and bleeding; I realized I was not the hero.

      The hero was standing over the bed with an ax.

      I heard the crow's cawing like an echo as he lifted his weapon. I grabbed the nightstand and pulled myself to the ground as the ax dropped deep into the mattress. My hand slipped into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the gun I'd left for my ill-fated heroine. It was unloaded and unhelpful, but that was the story and my body couldn't help but follow through. I squeezed the trigger and listened in terror as the gun clicked impotently as the hero – wearing my face, as all my heroes do – climbed over the bed, ax raised, ready to end the story.

      Then the bird flew between us, the hero slipped fell backward off the bed and his hatchet fell helplessly behind him.

      Then the hissing returned.

      I turned to the sound and saw the snake, scales aglow, growing fatter and longer in it's coil in the small glass box. The snake grew until it could no longer be held back; the sides of the aquarium popped and sand and water spilled from the perch. The snake continued to grow as it crawled toward me hissing:

      “Ssssacrifice. . .”

      The snake turned and snapped at the bird. I watched it dance in the air and then fly out the open window. I was alone.

      The snake raised it's expanding mass and hissed provocatively, its tail rattled like the muffler on my first car.. Make a move, try your luck, it seemed to say – though it could clearly say so if it wanted to.

      That's how I wrote it.

      That's when my protagonist grabbed me by the shoulder and, hand choked up on the ax, released the mortal blow. I winced as the blade sunk easily through my collarbone; I felt the very tip touch my heart.

      “Thank you,” the snake hissed, coiling itself back up.

      My protagonist dropped me back to the ground and began hacking cleaving blows into my chest, the blood sprayed like a water fountain in hell, all the way up to the ceiling fan.