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It probably won't get aired again for another 2-3 years as it has caught up with the manga and because of the fillers it is losing its ratings, so they're letting the manga get far ahead then going to release the videos again

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The bleach anime is one of the most superbly done examples of anime around and frankly the only reason I joined this site to begin with. Can't stand critics who don't have an artistic bone in their body yet always find the time to gripe on some else's work. If you feel that strongly why don't you get off you ass and write your on manga/anime! To the guy that started this post.

sssssssup mate, I'm the guy who created the post.

Why, you ask? For the simple purpose of delivering the joy to countless people like me (You're not included, obviously), who've gotten fed up with this travesty of an anime.

Now, if someone who joined up simply for the reason of downloading Bleach left, I wouldn't be sad at all. In fact, I'd sing a song. I'd grab an ocarina and start playing all the melodies from Legend of Zelda to Super Smash Bros.

While it fills my heart with joy to hear you say that I have no artistic bone in my body, it brings me great displeasure to tell you that I specialize in Game Art and Game Design. I've designed quite a number of characters this last year, both on paper and on Photoshop, trying to innovate and do something that hasn't already been done a million times. I've been to 3 conferences so far where I've had talks with some really great guys with some really great talent, among which all the anime fans have whole heatedly agreed with me that One Piece is the best Shounen JUMP anime out there right now and baffled over the fact that Bleach is still running.

Also, I would LOVE to draw my own manga. While I'd like to draw my own anime as well, I hardly think that's possible for a commoner like me. Please forgive me, I'm making excuses. Sure, with some good studio software and 2 weeks of work, I might have a rough video of about 5 minutes ready. As for manga, I'd like to get a good handle on my Japanese and actually, y'know LEARN the kanji before I start making manuscripts and sending them to JUMP.

Now that the sarcasm is outta the way, don't worry Bleach-sucking fanboys. Your precious show is not over. Most likely, even the producers started realizing how bad their filler material and staff were at pacing and decided to axe the show until the author finally decides to and the series. Then, they'll animate the last arc in a spectacular 26 episode BLEACH: SHIPPUDEN! and be done with it.

To be frightfully honest though, the MANGA, take note - THE MANGA i.e the page written comic series is not that bad. Sure, it's nothing compared to everything else running in JUMP right now. Even gag manga like Gintama and Sket Dance are more interesting, but Bleach is still very very shounen jump-ish.

Hell, the anime might not even have turned out so bad if the staff had realized that the author had ... y'know, no idea what the fuck he was doing at the time. I mean, there's so many questions littered all over Bleach that he's tried to just explain away and failed. (Don't worry - I'll do a list of it later.)

The whole story is haphazard. Some arcs that could have been resolved very easily instead take over 200 chapters cuz the main character has daddy issues.

Any teenager can tell you that a 20 page chapter is not equivalent to a 30 minute episode. That's common sense, dammit! Plan the show, before you start animating it.

Now, I've read some chapters and the author has this habit of drawing things out.

Now, seriously, there are some chapters in which there are back-to-back FULL COVER PAGES i.e. 2 pages which show 2 characters stare each other down for TWO DOUBLE PAGES i.e. for 4 pages,he does nothing but have them stare each other down.

For a fast-paced SHOW like Bleach- the anime, there is no way they can draw that out for 3-4 minutes. That is why we get all the filler everywhere.

Not only that, but the author's drawing skills aren't spectacular either.

If you look at the other JUMP works like One Piece, you'll see that EVERY character has a different look. EVERY character has to drawn in a unique way. Like, Luffy has to be drawn with a circular head and then 2 beads for eyes and then the detailing. Zoro focuses on the hair and jawline. Nami has her own facial structure. Sanji has his eyebrows.


I talked with a friend who does animation and he drew all the characters in Bleach from ONE template. There was this one template of a guy.

Change the hair a bit - Toshiro

Sharpen the eyes a bit - Ichigo

Change the hair and add creepy smile - Aizen


Really, Tite Kubo? Can't even draw different templates for each character?


I dunno about you guys and major spoiler here but when the second villain was introduced after the time-skip, I totally thought that was Aizen - Part 2.



The moment I saw him, the first guy I thought of was Aizen. And not just me, a bunch of people had the same reaction. Even the fanboys.

While the fanboys may throw away all the accusations at the story telling by saying that after so many shounen shows, it will star resembling other works, I'd like to see them explain the author's story-telling pacing ability, inability to think ahead and bad character art.

Oh and by the way, all these points - character art, story telling pacing, ability to think ahead - the author of One Piece, Eiichira Oda displayed all of them. That's because he didn't just decide to one day start ripping off other series.

He spent years doing one-shots, developing characters and then, when he already had 4 arcs of One Piece ready and laid out, that's when he started serializing his thing.

Balls in your court, fanboys.

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According to a news article that I read some time ago, they were just taking a break....They made a statement that they will cover the final arc. I wish they do...I would want to have the whole series in my collection.

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What's the deal with everyone wanting it to end so early? I think it should stop after Aizen got defeated. There were some many epic moments in the show. The only thing I wish was that some things got dragged out too long when more things could happened to change things up.

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Also, with Japan's supposed new law on how they are putting a ban on creating violent anime, I think canceling Bleach is a bad thing. The only known violent anime that is still existing is Naruto. After that, the anime industry is basically fucked because the most popular animes that everyone knows was either intended for children or were extremely violent. The childish shows are not getting mainstream action cause of change in staff, writing, series, or voice actors and the violent animes are ending.

The only thing that's saving them is Naruto. After that, even though there are epic non violent animes, I don't think it will be as epic as it once was.

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I want and hope that they make a good live action movie of bleach but chances are that it will be awful. Based on the Dragonball fiasco it is clear that those who make these movies just don't understand anime series.

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