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Infestation Short

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I've written a lot but this ones pretty much my best. A lot more here http://sanzolover.de...allery/#Writing


It is dark. I feel it take me under. Black veins scatter all over my body. I scream but no one hears. This infection invades my body. As I'm falling farther and farther so slowly into the abyss. I see it cover my eyes. It is all black.

I'm awake. It was just a dream. I look over to see her sleeping soundly under the blankets. This tent is my safeguard. A Safeguard that wont hold. Whether it's day or night this orange infestation falls from the sky and serves as the light. Air is thin and impure. I look out the crack in the tent door to see dying grass. What little life is left will soon perish. Including mine.

I walk out onto the dying grass shotgun in hand. As I search the far and fallen valley with my eyes I see a few beasts. Monsters. They resemble bugs but I don't know what they are. All I know is they want to kill me, Kill her. They spot me and start running fearlessly. I hold my ground. Once in range I shot their heads off hearing loud screeching noises come from them. That's the end of that.

She walks out of the tent to see their corpses. She speaks, "More of them?". I nod. We both turn our heads to see a horde come from the edge of the dead valley. We reload our guns. I grab her and give her a tender kiss. Then we face the horde.

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