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Aboard the USS NoLight

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just before you read the actual chapter, it jumps around the ship a bit. So to avoid so much confusion as to where the story is I've made some of the communications across the ship italic. The italic parts are the person on the other end, just so the switch is smoother when you read it.


Admiral Shazi sat ready on the bridge. She noted the crew around her: Majors Mae and Eve, Commander Ballard, Lieutenant Botzz and ensign Leki were all ready for launch.

“Our course is set Admiral, we’re ready to launch at you command.” Major Eve informed her.

“All systems functioning normally,” Lieutenant Botzz added.

“At your command Admiral,” Ensign Leki’s hands hovered over his console, itching to launch.

“Engage,” Shazi’s voice rang out across the bridge as the USS NoLight launched from the Anti-Twilight main dock.

“Engine room to Bridge,” Lieutenant Poetic’s voice came through to comm system.

“Go ahead,” Shazi said, tapping her badge.

“The engines are holding stable ma’am.” The Lieutenant reported.

“Thank you Lieutenant,” Shazi replied, “Bridge to Sick Bay.”

“Yes ma’am” Commander Koby replied.

“Is the sick bay fine?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am, not a single hitch through the entire launch.” Empathy added.

“Congratulation everyone on a successful launch,” Shazi announced over all internal lines.

“Major Mae, you have the Bridge” Shazi handed control to the Major and left the bridge.

She walked through the corridors on a small search for the man in the hat. It seemed like something small but that hat was driving her insane. No, the fact the man has yet to be caught for his discretions was what it was.

“Admiral Shazi ma’am,” One of the junior officers called her attention.

“Ensign Wolf,” Shazi snapped out of her train of thought.

“Any luck with the hat guy?” he asked.

“Not yet Ensign,” Shazi replied with a smile “as you were’ he saluted and continued on his way. Shazi tapped her badge to open a comm link

“Admiral Shazi to Sergeant Oby,”

“Ma’am?” Oby replied.

“How goes the research?” Shazi asked.

“Permission to speak freely ma’am,” Oby requested.

“Granted,” Shazi continued down the corridor she was travelling down.

“These books are a load of bullshit!” Oby said bluntly, “I mean, sparkling vampires? What kind of person actually likes this stuff?”

“Deranged fangirls Sergeant, that’s why we’re here,” Shazi replied.

“Sure sure” Oby sighed, “I’ve compiled some notes for the weapons division to read over, I’ll send it to them after I go through a couple more things,”

“Excellent work Sergeant, Shazi out,” The line was cut from Oby’s badge.

“Man this stuff is terrible. And I’m supposed to find it’s weakness?” Oby glared at the four books on her desk. She prodded the top book titled “breaking dawn” sharply with her pen then tapped her badge.

“Sergeant Oby to ensign Rezin.” She opened a link.

Rezin tapped his badge to receive Oby’s call. “Go ahead.” he said.

“I got some notes for you to read over,” she said. “I’m sending them now.”

“Thanks Sergeant” Rezin twisted his screw driver to tighten a screw. His latest desparkler prototype just didn’t seem to be working the way he’d hoped. “Rezin out,” he reached over his work bench to his console and read over Oby’s notes. Something in them sparked his interest.

A smile spread across his face as he read the words over to make sure he’d got them. “Vampires weakness: fire eh?’ he tapped his badge.

“Ensign Rezin to commander Chaos” he opened a link.

“Go ahead,” Commander Chaos walked across the cargo bay, checking everything was in order.

“What’s the best flammable material available to us?” Chaos could even hear the smirk in Rezin’s voice.

“I’ll have to check that out Ensign.” Chaos replied, “This some kind of new project you’re working on?” he asked while ticking his list off.

“Let’s just say the research department had a breakthrough. Keep me posted on the flammable stuff, Rezin out.” Chaos sighed and opened a new link.

“Commander chaos to Admiral Shazi,”

“Commander, just the man I was about to call for.” Shazi said.

“Ma’am?” The commander stopped walking and asked curiously.

“You’re the man in charge of supply, and I require a few things.”? Shazi flicked a strand of hair from her face.

“Of course Admiral, all supply has to be approved by you anyway.” Chaos said. Shazi nodded thoughtfully.

“It’s just a small hobby of mine and I require a few supplies.” She said, “What is it you needed Commander?”

“Well Ensign Rezin has requested flammable materials, and I need to run any potentially dangerous requests by you before I go ahead and order them.” Chaos said calmly. Shazi flinched slightly. Flammable materials may cause a danger to the ship, especially if they’re not contained properly.

“I’ll have to fully assess the risks before I make a final decision.” Shazi said to Chaos finally

“Of course Admiral, Chaos out.” The link was cut. Shazi carefully moved the painting she was working on and began writing in her Admirals log.

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Fixed the banner ^_^


Lieutenant Stuy was preparing his team for the first away mission aboard to USS NoLight. Admiral Shazi had prepared a special infiltration of a mass of Twilitians discovered on a nearby colony. The teleporter room was rather packed with Lieutenants Stuy and Poetic, Admiral Shazi, Major Eve, Commander Chaos and Privates Meglad, Razor and Logan waiting for the mission to begin.

Sergeant Oby and Commander Chaos had worked on creating their disguises. Stuy was stuck with a horrible looking ‘Team Edward” T-shirt, his special ops team all hard similar slogans across their wretched shirts.

“Admiral, is this really necessary?” Stuy pulled at his shirt grumpily. “And does Major Eve really have to come?” he jerked his thumb in the Major’s direction.

“Like it or lump it Lieutenant, I’m going. Admirals orders,” Eve shot back. Ensign Rezin appeared at the door with a stack of weaponry.

“I got the cross clubs, like you ordered ma’am.” Rezin tried to salute Admiral Shazi, but to no avail.

“Very good Ensign.” Shazi smiled. He handed each member of the away team a cross club, so they’d be ready to combat any fangirl, or fanboy that turned rabid.

“All set Admiral,” Major Eve saluted. The away team stood ready in the teleporter.

“Good luck everyone,” Shazi saluted when Lieutenant Poetic sent them off. “You’re going to need it.” She muttered to herself and returned to the bridge.

“Cargo bay to bridge.”

“Commander?” Shazi responded.

“We may have a slight issue with one of the shirts,” Commander Chaos said weakly.

“Commander, what’s going on?” Shazi demanded.

“One of them has a spelling error. One the Twilitians aren’t going to like.” he replied.

“Get them out of there!,” Shazi ordered. “Lieutenant poetic, beam them back!” Shazi ordered over the comm link,

Ma’am, I can’t get a lock on them,” poetic replied.

“Away team to NoLight,” Lieutenant Stuy’s voice came through crackled.

“Lieutenant, report,”

“It’s Major Eve ma’am, something’s wrong with her!” he managed to say before the connection was lost amongst a sea of screams.

“Bridge to sick bay, Ensign Empathy, to the teleporter room, immediately” Shazi ordered, “Mae, you have the bridge.” Shazi left the bridge and headed to the teleporter room.

“Lieutenant?” she asked.

“Still no luck ma’am, there’s to many Twilitians surrounding them, I can’t guarantee I have the right people.” Poetic replied.

“What percentage chance is it that you have them?” Shazi asked.

“70% at best,” Poetic replied.

“Risk it, Beam them up,” Shazi ordered. Just as Ensign Empathy entered the teleporter room, what was left of the away team had beamed aboard.

“Why hello there Admiral,” Major Eve said with a smirk, “You can call me Major Tom,” she cackled.

“Sedate her,” Shazi ordered. Ensign empathy rushed to eve and did as she was ordered. “Take her to sick back, and the survivors.” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” Both Ensign Empathy and Lieutenant Poetic said in unison.


“Is the Major okay?” Commander Chaos asked.

“She’ll be fine Chaos, she had a Twilitian induced psychotic episode.” Koby replied. “Being surrounded by so many Twilitian was too strenuous on her mind, so she created the persona ‘Major Tom’ to compensate.” he explained.

“She’ll come back to normal right?”

“Let her rest Commander, we’ll call you if anything changes,” Ensign Empathy assured him. “Admiral Shazi ordered all senior staff to report the her at 1800 hours.” she added before checking Eve’s vitals.

“Three men lost, two injured and the major has a psychotic episode.” Koby muttered, “A military disaster, Admiral Shazi will investigate what went wrong,”

“It was my fault,” Lieutenant Stuy called from his bed, “I wasn’t prepared enough for them,”

“Nonsense Lieutenant,” Empathy soothed, “Nothing could have prepared you for rabid Twilitians,”

“It was my fault,” Chaos said, “I made the spelling mistake on the shirt.” he clenched his fist “I’ll report to Admiral Shazi, and take whatever punishment I’m given.” he left the sick bay.

“Poor Chaos,” Empathy sighed.

“I hope Admiral’s not too hard on him,” Koby replied. “Get some rest Lieutenant,” he said to Stuy, “That’s an order,” he added.

“Yes Sir,” Stuy replied.

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Good job, Poetic, can't get a lock.. :P

And Eve, should I say Tom, go sleep xD (that right, I just wanted to say Tom so I had to think of an Eve comment.. haha)

Very good Shazi, read it all :) Can't wait for more!

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two chapters in the one day O_O you guys are lucky i was on a roll this after noon XD also, i can change that scene with eve and chaos if either of you aren't happy with it


Major Eve awoke in the sick bay. She was a little disorientated, and her head hurt.

“Man my head hurts,” She groaned. She was immediately dosed with some pain killer by Ensign Empathy, who was left in charge of sick bay while Commander Koby was reporting to Admiral Shazi.

“Welcome back to us Major,” Empathy said calmly. “You had a little run in on the away mission, but you’re fine now.” she told her.

“What happened?” she asked and sat up.

“The details are unclear as of yet.” Empathy replied “From what I understand, one of the shirts used for camoflague had a spelling error, causing the horde to go rabid.” She explained, “Your mind went under a lot of stress and created an alternate persona to compensate.”

“Alternate persona?” Eve asked.

“You called yourself ‘Major Tom.’ That was all we got out of you before Admiral Shazi ordered you to be sedated.” Empathy said.

“I see, I didn’t hurt anyone did I?”

“No Major, the only injuries, and fatalities sustained were caused by the Twilitians.” Lieutenant Stuy said from across the room.

“Fatalities!?” Eve’s eyes widened.

“We lost three men,” Stuy replied, “The Twilitians got them before we even had time to draw our cross clubs,”

“Admiral Shazi to Sick Bay,”

“Yes ma’am?” Empathy said in reply to Shazi’s call.

“How is the Major?” she asked.

“I’m fine Admiral, a little disorientated, but fine,” Eve replied for herself.

“Best news I’ve gotten all day,” Shazi replied, “Commander Chaos wishes to apologise for the mishap concerning the disguises in person. He’s on his way down now, Shazi out.”

“Chaos?” Eve asked

“He feels responsible for the error.” Empathy said. “and he was very worried about you.”

“Major?” Chaos entered the sick bay timidly.

“Chaos!” Eve practically leapt from the bed to hug him. Empathy laughed to herself.

“Looks like you’re forgiven Commander,” she said.


“With that issue sorted it’s time to come up with a new plan,” Admiral Shazi paced around the board room.

“So soon?” Commander Ballard asked with concern.

“We’ve barely recovered from the last attempt,” Major Mae added. “We can’t be seriously thinking of trying again.”

“We are, and this time we will succeed.” Shazi said firmly. “Any ideas?”

“Perhaps a smaller group should go and survey and assess the horde,” Commander Koby suggested. “A smaller group would attract less attention, as well as reduce the risk of injury.” He added.

“Good, I like it. Someone from the research team and special ops.” Shazi expanded on his idea.

“Then perhaps a proper armed force could be sent in to exterminate the horde,” Major Mae added. “Not just a handful of soldier, barely armed.”

“Ensign Rezin said his newest prototype has ready for action. He called it the Desparkler.” Shazi said. “Perhaps this is the best method of testing?”

“My Ban Hammer has been itching to see some action.” Mae added.

“Then it’s settled. Sergeant Random and Lieutenant Stuy infiltrate the horde and survey. We beam them back up to safety and send in the extermination team led by Major Mae.” Shazi briefed the mission.

“Sounds good to me,” Mae smirked, “Looks like I’ve got some hammering to do,”

“Dismissed, proper mission briefing will occur when Lieutenant Stuy has recovered.” Shazi left the board room. “Ensign Wolf,” She nodded to Wolf who was guarding the board room.

“Admiral Shazi to Research.” Shazi opened a link while she entered the elevator.

“Sergeant Random here ma’am”

“Sergeant, we have an away mission in store for you. I want you to meet me on the bridge tomorrow morning, 0600 hours,” She said quickly, exiting the elevator


“Shazi out.” she rounded a corner, to the sick bay.

“Admiral!” Commander Chaos and Major eve both snapped to attention upon seeing Shazi.

“At ease,” she nodded to them and walked over to Lieutenant Stuy. “Lieutenant, if you’re well enough, I’ll see you at the bridge at 0600 hours for a mission briefing,” she said firmly. “Ensign Empathy, let me know before hand if he has not recovered enough.” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” Empathy saluted.

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what's this, THREE IN ONE DAY!!! yeah I really was on a roll XD but knowing my luck i'll get writers block soon


“This time, I will not make a mistake,” Lieutenant Stuy assured himself. He stood at attention as Admiral Shazi outlined their mission. Sergeant Random and Lieutenant Stuy were to go back to the horde and observe them, and report any potential dangers.

“Lieutenant Poetic will be standing by to beam you up, should anything go wrong. She will have a constant lock on you’re position.” Shazi assured them.

“Yes ma’am,” Both men saluted.

“Good luck guys, as soon as something goes wrong, report to me and I’ll get you back here.” Lieutenant Poetic said and beamed the two back to the Twilight convention.

“Oh my god,” Sergeant Random nearly gagged. The air around them was thick with sweet smelling perfumes, and the smell of wet dog.

“This Sergeant, is a Twilight convention.” Stuy said simply, “Welcome to the horde,” the two of them carefully weaved their way through the crowds to investigate the stalls. All the girls left and right were pale skinned and wearing fake teeth.

“This stuff is terrible,” Random said quietly to Stuy.

“Keep your mouth shut, do you want to make them rabid,” Stuy hissed. Random kept his mouth shut. He wished he was back in the research department. he’d rather read the books again than try to reach the heart of a fangirl horde.

“OH EMM GEE, THAT GUY TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE JACOB!” one of the fangirls squealed upon looking at Random.

“ARE YOU KIDDING, HE LOOKS LIKE EDWARD! HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE BOOKS!” another fangirl attacked the other. Stuy tapped his badge.

“Away team to NoLight, the horde has gone rabid again.” He said.

“Beaming you up Lieutenant” Poetic replied quickly. The convention disappeared from around Stuy and Random and was replaced by the teleporter room aboard the USS NoLight.

“It’s decided, no more males should be sent,” Stuy muttered. Random was shaking still, he was seconds away from being glomped to death by Twilitians.

Bridge to teleporter room, what happened?” Shazi asked.

“The presence of males is what causes the horde to turn rabid. They mistake us for their characters,” Stuy reported in. “Sergeant Oby may be best suited to this certain mission ma’am.” he added.

“Indeed, Shazi out.” she replied. “It seems the horde has it’s defences.” she frowned “Men are smothered to death after being mistaken for their characters, and women are more likely to join the horde,”

“Major Mae, you have the bridge. Sergeant Oby and I are going to take this one.” Shazi left the bridge for the teleporter room.

“Good luck Admiral.” Mae said quietly. “Come back safely.” She added.

“Leki, move us as close as you can, I want the Admiral in range at all times.” Mae ordered.

“Yes Ma’am” Leki slowly shifted NoLight closer to the planet. “this as close as we can get without being detected.” he said.

“Good work,” Mae said. “Botzz! Make sure everything is functioning correctly. I don’t want any mishaps while The Admiral is away,”

“Yes Ma’am!” Botzz nearly jumped out of his skin after being addressed by Mae. He ran a diagnostic on the ship. “Everything is functioning perfectly ma’am”

“Good.” Mae said, “There’s hope for that promotion yet,” she watched the planet on the screen. “I will be Brigadier.”


“Admiral, I don’t like this.” Oby said, “These girls are all kinda scary.” she watched the horde carefully.

“Oby, call me Shazi, we’re undercover.” Shazi replied. “You’re not seriously afraid of a horde of fangirls are you Oby?” Shazi asked slyly.

“Of course not, I’ll take them all out!” Oby shot back. Shazi smiled, her crew was getting easier for her to predict. If this mission went well, Sergeant Oby may just become Lieutenant Oby.

“Oby, Mae has put in a recommendation for you.” Shazi said.

“Mae has?” Oby questioned. “For me?” she blinked in surprise then laughed.

“What’s funny Oby.” Shazi asked.

“I’m not really cut out for the military Shazi. I have a serious problem with authority.” Oby said. “I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to get much higher than I am now.”

“I beg to differ. The military is not just about following orders.” Shazi replied. “I certainly would have never gotten to Admiral without showing some initiative.”

“I dunno why the guys got so worked up about this,” Oby sighed, “The Horde hasn’t even taken notice of us.”

“Neither of us resemble any of their characters, nor are we male.” Shazi replied. “They seem to think we’re just one of them.”

“Pfft, me a Twilitian,” Oby laughed. “I’ve read the books, and there’s not damn thing that would make me even consider it worth my time.”

“Glad to hear it Oby.” Shazi laughed too.

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