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Vincent Kennedy McMahon FINALLY Retires from WWE in wake of hush money scandal

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Don't celebrate too early. Because his 'yes men' are still in positions of power. Most notably Bruce Pritchard, Ed Kosky, and Kevin Dunn.

So I'm not holding my breath on any 'real change' happening until or unless EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE of his yes men are removed from office and positions of power. But it goes beyond just the names I gave. He has a shit ton of lackyes and stooges in the company. Until every single last one of them is removed... there won't be any 'real change' in the company.

All because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants and payed off multiple women so they wouldn't go after him for sexual misconduct allegations.

Do I want change? Of course I do. As much as everyone else does really. Will it happen? I don't know. I feel like the answer to that is 'lolno' but only time will tell really.

If his yes men get forced out or resign? Then things get spicy

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Interesting update




This seems to indicate he actually resigned whereas the public statement was that he 'retired' because of the scandal


Oh and Triple H is head of creative. Just like practically the entire internet wanted.




Don't expect change as soon as tonight on Raw. But it's... interesting. To say the least.


But I still don't want to make any assumptions or hold my breath until all of Vince's yes men cronies, lackeys and stooges are gone entirely

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