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Mac Mini Server Issue...

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Ok I'll try to give as much detail as I can about this issue I'm having with one of my Mac Minis...


So I have a Mid 2012 Mac Mini that I just installed OS X High Sierra via Internet Recovery Mode (Installed all necessary updates) then upgraded to macOS Mohave that I'm just using as a "Mojave" Server only to run 32bit apps on. Once that finished installing I (installed all required updates) went to System Preferences > Sharing pane and enabled Screen Sharing, File Sharing, and Remote Login just as I did when I setup my Late 2018 Mac Mini as my Emby Media Server that has macOS Catalina installed. Everything is on the same network in my bedroom and I use my Macbook Pro 13-Inch to connect to my Emby Server no problem in the Finder window, but for some reason my Mojave Server isn't listed in Finder at all.


I have my Mid 2017 Macbook Pro 13-Inch connected via Wifi and both Mac Minis (Mid 2012 and Late 2018) connected via Ethernet and automatic login in enabled for quick access on both Mac Minis and two dummy HDMI adapters plugged in to each Mac Minis so I don't have to have them taking up HDMI ports on a HDMI splitter I have hooked up to my TCL 4KTV!! lol


Thank you for all the help in helping me figuring out this issue I am having right now.

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Hey dn_angel,


It's your bestest and oldest buddy here! I realise this is old and you may have solved this already but if you haven't - if you open up System Preferences -> Network on each Mac and jot down the IP address for each then search for terminal in finder, see if you can ping the IP address of the other Mac.

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