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Edge of Eternity

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Enthralling JRPG Adventure with Strategic Combat

In a world torn asunder, the people of Heryon pursues a desperate war against a mysterious invader. As this conflict opposing magic and technology grows to cataclysmic proportions, a new threat emerges from the battlefield. Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene in their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion.


Early Access Launch Trailer


During this summer, Edge Of Eternity will go through very important steps. The game has been in Early Access for nearly 20 months now and it has allowed the game to grow progressively into what it is today.

Edge Of Eternity now represents more than 30 hours of gameplay, shared between six chapters (including Chapter 0 - Seed of Destruction, which serves as a prologue to the story). More than half of Daryon and Selene’s quest is already part of the game, and Midgar Studios' small indie team is fully dedicated to deliver the final chapters over the next months!

On August 14th, Edge Of Eternity will enter its beta phase.

A revamped, new and improved battle camera is being introduced to make the fights more understandable and more immersive at the same time. With this new cinematic battlecam, your eyes will be set behind each attacking character, following them as they attack and passing to the next.




One of the greatest strengths of Edge Of Eternity, like many JRPGs, is its story. Players want to feel involved and touched by the characters’ quest, their struggles, their failures and their most shining moments. A huge part of this relies on your ability to sympathize with the characters, to identify with them.
To help with this, cutscenes are being reworked: improving the lighting, the color and revamping the lipsync system; in addition to this, making sure that their unspoken emotions are more visible, in order to let the player know what is happening, let them feel what is happening. In the continuity of the cutscenes, they're also reworking the character designs for the main characters - Daryon, Selene and their companions. The many NPCs of the game will also be progressively reworked as a next step, as the priority was not on them.


Finally, Midgar Studio wanted to make the acquisition of a new weapon feel more rewarding. To achieve this, they're creating a new crafting system, including recipes and materials gatherings; nothing beats a sword that you made yourself, with sweat and blood, when it comes to feeling epic and personal.

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Midgar Studios has pushed out a couple updates in the past few days.


Summer Update #5


Added the first 15 inn character scenes

Unlockable through the game, those character scenes will deepen the bonds between characters and give more information about the lore of each character.


More characters scenes are coming in the future!

Added new accessibility options in the game settings menu

You can now choose the default battle camera mode in the game settings menu (between cinematic and tactical).

There is also an option to display the full battle-grid while in tactical camera, you can select the opacity of the battle-grid display in the game settings menu.


Variable ATB cost and move action ATB cost changes

We introduced a new mechanic of variable ATB cost, meaning that an action *can* cost less than 1 ATB, for the moment we added it only to the move action that now cost 0.5 ATB instead of 1 ATB. The ATB cost is displayed as a yellow overlay on-top of the ATB bar while hovering a skill (Keyboard/Mouse) or selecting it (Controller). The "haste" stat is now affecting skill that have variable ATB cost, meaning that having more haste can reduce further the ATB cost of the move action up to 0.3 ATB with a very high "haste" value.


Level Sync Improvement

Level sync have now been extended and have three options select-able from the interface and difficulty menu: Enemy (Scale the enemy level to your level if the enemy is higher level, easy mode), Disabled or Player (Scale the player level to the enemy level if the enemy is lower level, hard mode).

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Modified damage feedback
  • Modified weakness and resistance feedback
  • Improved Ordo face blend shapes
  • Improved Lip Sync and Face animations in a few cutscenes
  • Improved a few cutscenes
  • Nerfed Borborygm boss
  • Fixed timing of a few FX
  • Added animation transition for "animation pose fixed" entities on the world
  • Fixed a bug with some dynamic events that was ignoring the state requirements
  • Minor lighting upgrades on some cutscenes
  • Removed battle rating as it was a bit redundant with battle objectives
  • Fixed a bug that could soft lock the Mantis boss on a very specific situation
  • Fixed missing music at some locations
  • Fixed a few audio volume issues
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent some visual FX from spawning during battles when animations are too short
  • Fixed a missing UI prompt during the camera tutorial
  • Rework of the doppelganger shader
  • Added new 2D portraits for secondary characters (autocutscenes)
  • New Dynamic Events on Herelsor Plain / Solna Plain / Heretic Trail
  • Fixed a graphic bug that could corrupt the screen when framerate is very low or when the game have micro-freezes
  • Rework of the cutscene completion save system to prevent some save corruption issues in some auto-save reload situations


Minor Patch

Bug fixes and adjustments

  • Introduced new mini-map system with area discoverability (and soon localized area names)
  • Implemented bosses battle objectives super-bonus reward
  • Fixed a soft lock case on some specific quest and dialogs with the recent changes
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Save UI from opening when the Save UI have been automatically removed
  • Fixed some wrong footsteps SFX material definitions
  • Fixed a bug that could remove the music after a loading (like unstuck) after a battle
  • Lip Sync improvements
  • Added SFX in various cutscenes
  • Adjustment of a few post-processing areas
  • Removed deprecated end of chapter cutscenes


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New Dynamic Events



We are improving on the Dynamic Events system in Edge Of Eternity. While this feature had been implemented since alpha release, we wanted to expand it to new areas and make the map more lively. You can now encounter over a dozen new events when exploring the Herelsor and Solna plains.

Key locations

Dynamic Events will start around 3 different type of places:

  • Marketplaces from Herelsor and Solna plains
  • Stonehenges from Herelsor and Solna plains
  • Arena next to the Lighthouse on Solna plain


Many events will take place in those exact locations, but some can occur within a 500 meters radius, or get in your way directly. Those quests will change over time so you won't get the same objective twice in the same place: for example if you have to look for a certain treasure chest, the next occurrence may not be in the same area.



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Summer Update #6

Bug Fixes and adjustments:

  • Added ES localization
  • Updated global localization
  • Added haptics vibrations throughout the game
  • Revamped loot chances / tables of a lot of drops throughout the game
  • Improved a few cutscenes
  • Added new shading for teethes of characters
  • Save points are now grouped by areas
  • Locked save points will now be displayed in red instead of being invisible
  • Enabled new dynamic events
  • Added a feedback VFX on world collectibles
  • Fixed a bug where collectibles on the world could not disappear after looting
  • Ordo will not take a death stance during the tutorial battle when defeated
  • Fixed Selene eyelashes not following blend-shapes
  • Muted a few SFX during cutscenes and combats (save points for example)


Beta Release

Edge Of Eternity is entering its Beta phase!

This new update brings a huge amount of polish to the existing game, from fixing bugs to cleaning-up animation and optimizing UI.

Spanish is also available as a language option now!




Here are some (but not all!) improvements we made to the game:

  • The Battlecam was revamped to make the fights more understandable and immersive, with the help of occluding and both a cinematic and strategic camera.
  • Cutscenes were improved upon, regarding lipsync, lighting and sfx in particular.
  • Character models were reworked
  • Dynamic events were added to make the world feel more alive, along with new landmarks.
  • The crafting system was reshaped, including recipes and material gathering.

With the Beta release, our game is entering a new stage, and we hope that you will like this new update!

A discount will start at 7:00 pm CEST and last for a week: this will be your last chance to grab the game before the price increases!


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Regular Patch

  • Improved Battle Camera
  • Fixed multiple audio issues
  • Increased flee chances
  • Re-enabled the fast-loot UI on collectible
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a game crash when getting near Jagholm due to a corrupted game script
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent loading a save (stuck on black screen) when loading a save containing a broken crystal on a weapon
  • Improved CPU performance by ~30%
  • Improved GPU performance by ~15%
  • Reduced RAM / VRAM consumption by 350 MB each (~750 - 800 MB total saving) in the open world
  • Fixed a transition issue that could break the rendering colors for a few frame after a loading
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing audio footsteps from working after changing leader
  • Fixed a bug that could make the NPC Atalanta not sit at the correct place after completing a quest objective
  • Fixed a bug that could break the audio when teleporting after the quest "Peek a Boom"
  • Implemented Stalker boss unique death animation and VFX
  • Fixed a few logic issues in the quest "Bare Necessities"
  • Added a few custom cameras for some side quests (will fix some sidequest cutscene where the camera was in the ground)
  • Modified outline of decor interacts
  • Removed the controller wide compatibility option as it was causing issues with the tutorial
  • Haptic improvements
  • Multiple crashfixes
  • Separated VSync from Framerate Limit and improved their behavior
  • Minor level design fixes
  • Added new sound fx
  • Added new visual FX
  • Minor UI/UX changes

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New Intermediate Chapter


In addition to Chapter VI, the November update will come with a "0.5" Chapter taking place between Daryon's desertion and Elon Village.

Instead of skipping the path to his mother's house, you will be the one to make the journey, get a first peek at the open world, familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, and have time to digest the exposure from the dense chapter 0.

Coming with this, we also want to introduce Nekaroos earlier in the adventure, even if your Nekaroo will remain in this area you will be able to enjoy the joy of playing with the cutest pet!

As for Chapter VI, it will be coming in November as planned!


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Facial Design Update For Main Character, Daryon



Left is the old design, Right in the new design.

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Chapter VI is coming!

The Chapter VI: The God's Herald is on the way. Due to some late changes we are a bit behind schedule for this chapter, but it will be coming for the middle of December! Take a look at what is coming this chapter:

New area: Desert
A new chapter means a new area for you to explore. You will meet an old friend in this unique place - and the Consort is back!

DLSS 2.1 is coming to Edge Of Eternity
You must have seen it on Social Networks: DLSS 2.1 is coming for this update! If you missed it here is said NVIDIA article. Currently under the last tests, you will get a small peek about DLSS effects in Edge Of Eternity regarding FPS. A gameplay video is coming soon!

New special attacks for Daryon and Ysoris
If you already unlocked Selene's special attack you are going to love these new ones. Each character will have his/her special attack!

A new playable character is coming
We are planning to add a new character to the team and guess what: you already met her if you finished the currently available content. Who do you think will join the team?

More cutscenes for chapters 1, 3 and 5
To enforce the story we will add more story peeks from earlier chapters featuring the Ethereal Being you faced in Chapter 0.




Some changes to our last roadmap announcement

In order to deliver the best version of the game for full release we made some changes to our plans: we are going to make chapter VII and VIII one very big chapter and release it for full game release in Spring 2021!

What does it mean for you?
Nothing. We don't change anything on the final content available, we're not making any cut to the content we wanted to offer.

Why these changes?
Consoles and side-content are the main reasons for this. As we reach the end of development of the game, we need to focus on optimizing the game for consoles and creating more side-content including the last one promised in the Kickstarter Campaign that isn't yet in the game: Nekaroo breeding!

About the new Intermediate Chapter
We announced that we will release an intermediate chapter earlier but sadly due to these changes we have to delay it to February.

We know that you may find the wait really long but this is our last step before the full release in Spring 2021!


Chapter VI New Areas

Chapter VI is coming with new environments! After the capture of Daryon and the group by the Consort you will travel to 3 new areas that we will reveal to you in this article!


Spoiler Alert: Some of these location might spoil you a part of the story.

The Scorched Halcyon

North of Elysian Fields is The Scorched Halcyon desert. Sand as far as the eye can see, it is even hotter near the magma pits or the lava river. The monsters in this area fight in large groups and will not hesitate to attack you fiercely!




Refugee Camp

It's time to face the commander. After Daryon's desertion during the attack on the front lines and the many adventures that followed, Daryon will have to face his commander and his troops.




Varlorian Pass

Located between Elysian Fields and The Scorched Halcyon, this pass corned between the mountains is infested by slimes and remains of Archelite ships. It will also take you to the Gates of Gideon which you will discover later in this Chapter!




In this chapter you will rediscover well-known cities starting with Jagholm and Tyr Caelum in the thick of a war against an old enemy. There is also a fourth place you will discover by the end of this Chapter but we won't spoil you!


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Minor Patch



Fixes and adjustments:

  • Improved performances when loading a submap (cities, jungle, areas, etc...), and reduced linked stuttering
  • Removed a lot of micro-freezes through the game
  • Opening a chest will not freeze the game anymore when using a low end CPU/HDD pair
  • Overall CPU/GPU performance improvement
  • Improved cutscene transitions through the game (and fixed characters popping during transitions)
  • Fixed some UI rendering in 21:9 and 32:9 ratios
  • Improved start battle loading speed (also it does not freeze anymore and the camera is not stuck in a weird position during this freeze anymore)
  • Cleaned Oboros tutorial battle nexus positions
  • Fixed multiple collisions issues
  • Fixed clipping issues in the Vanguard map
  • Fixed a bug that could spin the camera during a tutorial
  • Fixed some canvas scaling issues with tutorial area masks
  • Reduced "vibrations" when the battle camera was colliding
  • Improved drone animations
  • Improved Myrna cutscene in Herelsor loading speed
  • Fixed a bug with intermediary quest markers that would never update to the next one
  • Fixed multiple softlocks
  • Dense vegetation is now correctly clipping when using tactical camera or battle move
  • Multiple localization fixes
  • Fixed a bug where swapping Nekaroo model using the wardrobe when mounted resulted in the player getting out of bounds
  • Fixed issue with some corpse model that were still breathing and blinking
  • Fixed some NPC stacking in Herelsor


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NVIDIA DLSS is now available for NVIDIA RTX GPU in Edge Of Eternity, it can be enabled from the graphic settings menu.

DLSS allow to achieve much higher framerate by rendering at lower resolution internally and using AI upscaling. Often the differences with native resolution are not noticeable and it offers a huge boost of performance.



Comparative table to check how enabling DLSS in Edge Of Eternity will better your performance:



Also note that all these tests were before the latest optimizations so it might get even better on your computer.

For achieving this Midgar Studios also want to thank the NVIDIA team who got really involved in the development, giving advice and helping Edge of Eternity becomes the very first game made with Unity joining the DLSS family.

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Intermediate Chapter is available!


The fishermen's village of Inel is happy to welcome you

Surrounded by sea and mountains, Inel remains spared by the torments of war. Nevertheless, this peaceful village is not a restful stop on Daryon's journey.

Taking place between Chapter 0 and Chapter I, this new open playground is the best way to apprehend the game’s core gameplay mechanics. In addition, new players will be able to go in depth with Daryon’s personality.

This new content include :
  • A new location with the small village of Inel
  • A Nekaroo Farm
  • Some new sidequests
  • New main story input

Take advantage of the current 30% discount to immerse yourself in the universe of Edge of Eternity during its Early Access.



  • Reworked sprint bar
  • Cleaned up transitions between menus
  • Added a fade when the UI will be disabled
  • Fixed a bug that was creating inconsistent zoom levels on the minimap depending on the situation
  • World markers are now faded instead of being displayed at infinite distance (exception of quest / objectives / dynamic events markers)
  • Added markers to NPCs that have conversation
  • Cleaned up tutorial box apparition transition
  • Interact button will not appear if the character have no conversation with the current quest progression
  • Improved markers positioning with humanoids
  • Fixed a bug where the ocean could clip when viewed from far away
  • Reworked Nexus display and added a transition with steepiness
  • Improved low end ambient occlusion setting
  • Improved sky shadows updating, it will now update in realtime instead of stuttered update
  • Added model clipping to followers when too close
  • Fixed contact shadow stuttering with low physic frequency
  • Fixed technobandits that were flying
  • Fixed a shader bug that was causing the stalker canon to have weird squares instead of distortion
  • Fixed Anselm vein blocking slope
  • Fixed flying asset in chapter 0.5
  • Fixed multiple imprecisions in Nexus Line calculations
  • Nerfed battle initiative damage and stun duration
  • Improved pursue and flee behaviors of enemies, it now use a pathfinder to prevent going back and forth
  • Added new monster “Dodilus”
  • Added an initial random delay for dots to prevent them ticking at the same time (make the battle easier to read)
  • Fatigue consumption of spells is now constant and not variable between spells (exception of special attacks that are still costing a major part of the fatigue)
  • Nerfed Conclave boss
  • Reworked Archelite Amplifier decor interact
  • Modified Mantis boss encounter
  • Balancing pass on stats
  • Balancing pass on loot tables
  • Fixed camera “locking” and “teleporting” when talking to a NPC while sprinting
  • Added DLSS auto mode
  • Improved volumetric fog performances
  • Improved openworld terrain performances
  • Improved game startup time
  • Speeded up all assets loading
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing resources from being released correctly from memory after unloading
  • Reduced memory usage of the game to ~2GB (will prevent crash on some low end platforms with 8GB of memory like Geforce Now or low end computers)
  • Fixed a mini stutter when changing terrain tile due to collision recalculations, now those are done in another thread to prevent stuttering
  • Fixed a freeze that was caused in some case by tutorial boxes
Cutscenes & Animation
  • Improved cutscene transitions
  • Fixed a few cutscene lock case
  • Fixed some case where the UI would stay during a cutscene
  • Fixed a bug where Daryon could be not present during an autocutscene if he is in the reserve party in some rare case
  • Fixed some characters that were still animated while supposed to be dead in the intro
  • Fixes multiple softlock sources
  • Cleanup a few collider issue
  • Multiple bugfixes for NVIDIA Ansel
  • Improved multiple grounding behaviors to prevent flying NPCs in some cases



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Edge of Eternity will be released on June 8th!



After a long wait, the Midgar Studio team is happy to announce that Edge of Eternity will be released on June 8th. The roadmap you've been following since the Early Access release will be completed with the arrival of the game's final two chapters: A Message From Beyond and The Ascent. These two new pieces of content will provide 5-10 hours of additional gameplay. To reach the epic conclusion to their quest, Daryon and Selene's party will have to find the famed mount Berenroth and thread the most dangerous Clockwork Field in Astrya.

It's your last chance to grab Edge of Eternity at $16.74 before the price increase on April 14. At this date, the price will goes up to $29.99.

Check out the lastest key art for Edge of Eternity made by the artist Maeka below! It replaced the last video background on the game menu and will cover the future box art.




Patch Notes
  • Added new battle feature: Scan (Toggled with ALT key with KBM and DPAD UP with Controller)
  • Added new key art to main menu and loading screens
  • Improved memory usage
  • Speeded up loading in the openworld
  • Added GPU occlusion culling (reduce NPC CPU load)
  • Global CPU performance improvements
  • Improved terrain UV blending quality (prevent burnt far terrain)
  • Reduced weapons and armor bonus level range (will remap existing items)
  • Fixed CPU performance diminishing while moving on the openworld due to some physic issues
  • Fixed audio stuttering issues
  • Added an option to control the distance object update rate
  • Added an option to rescale the UI
  • Turrets will not activate during Junkyard's puzzles
  • Cleaned music transition between open world and dungeon
  • Burn status damages are now taking into account for residual fire damages bonus objectives
  • Remaining effect after using firebombs
  • Red widow Rock throw not disappearing
  • Target Available for hack feedback not displaying
  • Danger Effect not disappearing when Nepentha roots spawn
  • Team member equipment will no longer be displayed after leaving the party
  • Restored Energy interface will not spawn several times when spamming sleep
  • Toggleable pause menu during loading
  • Collisions fixes
  • Skip cutscene interface displaying when pressing escape during a multiple choice dialog
  • Team formation not applying in some cases
  • Enemy Drone will no longer be able to move on player nexus
  • Battle interface displaying during fanfare when swapping device
  • Minor balance tweaks for Derek & Gavin and Mantis Fight
  • Minor balance tweaks for Light From Above Spell
  • Fixed bugreport input field not useable in 4K resolution
  • Added two new sidequests in Chapter I
  • Fixed some lighting issues when hour is changing abruptly
  • Added an additional character scene
  • Text fixes in Chapter 0.5
  • Cutscenes fixes in Chapter 0
  • Added new hunting quests
  • Added craft items descriptions
  • Improved crafting loot tables
  • Added new monster
  • Added a new lore tombstone in the desert
  • Minor animation fixes
  • Global polish of the game


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  • Minor rework of the Battlefield environment (Chapter 0).
  • Minor rework of the Mother House environment (Chapter 0).
  • Fixed multiple soft-lock cases.
  • Complete rework of the crystal merging craft.
  • Fixed a few animation bugs in the cutscene system.
  • Fixed a bug that could block entering into combat mode after a teleportation on some specific cases.
  • Fixed a crash case in the Vanguard and in the Junkyard.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Foot IK to work properly on the main character.
  • Reworked LOD distances to reduced further popping.
  • Balancing: Flee chances are now 100% if the battle is possible to flee.
  • Balancing: Reworked crafting components loot tables.
  • Balancing: Completing every battle challenges for the corroded croctas will give a more balanced sword.
  • Balancing: Made hard difficulties harder and easy difficulty easier.
  • Balancing: Difficulty now affect backstab damages multipliers, backstab damages from enemies are now reduced in normal and easy difficulty.
  • Balancing: Reworked level sync for hard difficulty.
  • Fix Chest Nut quest preventing player to seal the deal even if you had the money. For people who had the bug, you'll need to refuse the deal once in order to fix the issue.
  • Nerf Drone Vigilance spell is no longer preventing player from moving to the targeted case but you'll still get shot.
  • Fix Theia not gathering energy on her spell.
  • Fix Soft-lock when interacting with a tombstone in the Scorched Halcyon.
  • Hellmaw boss has now its own Behavior.
  • Fix overlapping musics after sleeping at the nekaroo farm.
  • Fix Daryon special attack is no longer dealing backstab damages.
  • Fix scripted event not triggering for Mercury and Kora fights.
  • Improve Vanguard Boss behavior.
  • Fixed consort soldiers not wielding their swords in battles.
  • Added visual impact feedback with screen-shake and flashes for strong attacks (flashes can be disabled in the game settings menu).
  • Fixed some errors that could prevent some scenes from triggering correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could send the camera into space after a special attack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused flickering on the mini-map icons when toggling between full screen map and mini-map.
  • Fixed graphic clipping issues with techno-bandits.
  • Fixed a bug with the exclusion map area system that could allow to load a map that should not be allowed to.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the achievement "The Reunion" from triggering.
  • Fixed display of the status menu in 4:3 screen ratio.
  • Balancing: Nerfed shadow-step.
  • Balancing: Daryon special attack will not trigger backstab damages when done from behind anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that could break inventory display if the item doesn't exist anymore in the database.


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  • Skills balancing pass on Fallon
  • Increased by 100% healing spells efficiency
  • Increased ATB manipulation buff / debuffs efficiency (Daryon Timeloop / Accelerate)
  • DOTs damages use now an effect value formula instead of being HP percentage based
  • Reworked some shopkeepers and hunting quests rewards
  • Loot tables balancing fixes (increased some drop rates)
  • Improved GPU performances by removing screen space reflections, replaced now by a better reflection probe system
Polish and improvements:
  • Improved audio transitions between cutscenes
  • Uniform pass on characters and NPCs (Lighting / Shading)
  • Added in addition to the input auto switching mode a manual mode to choose between Controller and Keyboard / Mouse in the settings
  • Improved multiple cutscenes and auto-cutscene animations
  • Fixed multiple cutscenes where characters like Ysoris / Myrna / Fallon could have their weapon misplaced
  • Full rework of the movement function in battles, prevent a bug where monsters were able to attack at 2 case range, use the pathfinder to prevent a character from moving through a wall with the movement action, more exact calculations will result in a more predictable gameplay
  • Reworked graphic background of special attacks
  • Implemented unlockable food through the different quests in the game
  • Reworked multiple environment assets
  • Blocked cinematic camera during puzzles to prevent some visual issues
  • Fixed fanfare victory poses for each characters
  • Fix visual FX not destroyed on Auger Spell
  • Fix Softlock occurring during potion tutorial in chapter 0
  • Fix Drone will no longer shot a rocket on itself
  • Fix Scan is no longer focusing burrower when he is underground nor invisible entities
  • Fix Remaining Spell Lines when several spells are ready to be cast
  • Fix Softlock occurring during equipment tutorial if an equipment is already set
  • Fix Dauntless Distress skill that wasn't ejecting dead entities
  • Fix Missing dialogs
  • Fix Game Over not toggling if a hacked drone is the last player side entity alive
  • Fix Hacked drone will now move to a free nexus if they share a nexus with an enemy
  • Opening state menu will not display a greyed out content when using keyboard and mouse
  • Fix for a rare case when switch some menus too quickly could result in the crystal equip tutorial softlocking
  • Fixed a bug that was making Selene battle items not selectable in the menu when using a controller
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the camera to fall from the sky after a special attack
  • Fixed Unbeknownst master quest in Chapter 5 where the NPC would have no dialog
  • Using the new battle-grid calculations solved the issue where monsters could skip turns and not move during battles (for example during Olphara tower defense)
  • Fixed multiple UI icon issues
  • Fixed multiple tutorial issues


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June 4th Patch


  • Fixed multiple balancing issues with level syncing
  • Improved GPU performances with DLSS and CAS upscaling
  • Reduced memory usage and improved overall game stability
Polish and improvements:
  • Improved a few animations
  • Improved Ordo lipsync in Chapter 0
  • Improved Khalder lipsync in Chapter 1
  • Added Theia Special attack
  • Added sounds to Battle items menu
  • Added Pilitch Egg items and effect
  • Dododilus new AI
  • Polished multiple sidequests
  • Added victory pose for Ysoris, Fallon and Myrna
  • Added new version of the twitch plugin
  • Added a weapon to Vaughn
  • Added VFX and SFX on multiple cutscenes
  • Minor UI cleanup
  • Added new inn scenes animations
  • Cleaned up multiple combat animations
  • Added new inn scenes
  • Improved some battle camera edge cases where it could fall through the ground
  • Added presentation cutscene in Inel
  • Multiple environment cleanup
  • Added new physic to Fallon hair
  • Fix bad display in Scan Interface spell category
  • Standard quest marker will be displayed instead of an area marker when you need to travel to another map
  • Fixed wrong input displayed in Shop Interface
  • Fixed bad input displayed for french and russian language for weapon crafting tutorial
  • Fixed Generator Offseted during Mercury Fight
  • Fixed Big Nepentha Root named "Null"
  • Fixed barrier aura missing icon and name when using scan
  • Fixed the possibility to toggle pause menu during orokko chase if the orokko is stunned
  • Minor fixes on Shop interface navigation
  • Fixed multiple sidequests softlock
  • Fixed ocean disappearing when teleporting from Inel to Wurldendz
  • Improved AI pathing in combat
  • Fixed shop discount not applying on the shop dynamic event
  • Fixed new battle transition not working with DLSS
  • Fixed Daryon sword swapmodel after chapter 0
  • Colliders cleanups (softlock cases)
  • Fixed Oboros animations when using a controller with a slow stick press
  • Fixed ballista bonus objective on corroded croctas fight
  • Initial pose in autocutscenes are now set at start without transition (prevent the NPCs from chest problem to slowly transition to the fence at the cutscene start)
  • Fixed multiple control blocking issue with world collectibles and exploration attack
  • Fixed wind not working on grass shader
  • Fixed stacking teleport menu and save menu with quick presses
  • Fixed some wrong positioning issue in battle in some rare edge cases
  • Wardrobe is now using localized entries instead of english ones
  • Fixed some minor quest marker issues
  • Fixed UI not restoring correctly when switching back from immersive mode
  • Fixed some animation stuck case with some autocutscenes
  • Fixed some font sizes in Chinese and Japanese
  • Fixed some localization issues


Digital Deluxe Edition

You can extend the experience with the digital deluxe edition, a bundle which contains the first part of the OST composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Cédric Menendez, the artbook, the world map and the digital poster of the game.




Edge of Eternity is available now!

Here we are!

From the Kickstarter campaign in 2015 until now, we have gone a long way thanks to the continuous support of the community. Your feedback, recommendations, advice or kind words were very important to us to bring Edge of Eternity in an ambitious project. Initiated by four passionate developers, our team has grown to 14 members in order to provide you the experience you deserved. Today, we’re glad to announce that Edge of Eternity is out of this Early Access state to become a full complete experience. Check out the launch trailer below and start your journey on Heryon with a 15% off during one week.



Roadmap announcement soon...

We will communicate tomorrow about a brand new roadmap for the next months!


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June 11th Patch


  • Multiple balance modifications to nightmare difficulty
  • Fixed some popping issues on NPCs
  • Fixed a bug with the framerate limiter where it was not working properly, the game will now start with a 60 FPS limiter (that can be uncapped increased or decreased)
Polish and Improvements:
  • Improved Daryon model and rigging to reduce his hands sizes and improve his hands shape
  • Fixed a blendshipe issue on Daryon that was exaggerating some wrinkles and creating lighting issues sometimes on his face
  • Improved some battle camera reaction in edge cases
  • Made the skip delay for victory ui smaller so the end of combat ui can be skipped more quickly
  • Added weapons to multiple NPCs
  • Polished multiple sidequests and events
  • Improved some characters clothes
  • Added the possibility to skip special attacks
  • Added animations to multiple NPCs overworld
  • Added an option to select button prompt type for controllers (Xbox / Playstation) instead of the auto mode
  • Added prompt confirmation when trying to change difficulty to prevent unintended difficulty change that would invalidate the achievement
  • Fixed a rare softlock case on Oboros backstab tutorial
  • Fix Rejuvenescence spell not healing
  • Fix Stone Flesh FX not displayed
  • Savepoints are now visible on minimap
  • Dodilus hunt boss now respawn over time after being defeated
  • Fixed multiple collision issues
  • Fixed a bug that was causing blurriness in depth of field when using FXAA or disabled AA
  • Fixed a bug that was causing artifacts with the inel road (overlaped with everything) when using FXAA or disabled AA
  • Fixed FOV slider not working when using FXAA or disabled AA
  • Fixed save slot listing not displaying correctly some portraits
  • Fixed multiple UI superposition cases
  • Fixed Dododilus not attacking after a few turns
  • Fixed a bug with the battle camera when it had a weird static plan at the beginning in scripted battles
  • Fixed some combat camera collisions edge case, it no longer takes a wide angle to avoid collisions with walls
  • Fixed a bug on shopkeepers where the money sum was not bound checked properly and was able to make the amount of money negative in some rare case
  • Minor localization cleanups
  • Multiple environment fixes and improvements (objects not reachable, collisions, pathing)



Support for the game will continue after launch with the developer revealing a post-launch roadmap. Q4 2021 sees the release of Xbox and PlayStation versions, an additional party member, new monsters and quests, extra “special” additional content and more. In January 2022, there will be endgame content, full Nekaroo farm and breeding, secret dungeons and New Game+. Check out the full roadmap below for more details.




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Since last week’s release, we have put a lot of thoughts in how we could improve the game. Every day we’ve read your feedbacks on Steam reviews, forum, Discord or the social medias in order to understand how we can push the limits of the player experience, update after update. A release isn't necessarily an end, it can also be the beginning of a new journey. First of our efforts, we will polish the first hour of the game. A smoother tutorial, more intuitive and user friendly, revamped with better environments: we have begun reworking the beginning of the game, which seems have disappointed a lot of players.




This is the future content as it was designed today. This means that it's very likely to change over time.

We have started to publish fixes and rebalancing of several issues (crafting, nightmare difficulty, etc.) but we are also working on including new content and quality of life improvements. In the months to come, we'll add a bunch of free features like the New Game +, dungeons, mobs, quests, character and… one special surprise!

Here is our plan for the next months. We are looking forward to share with you the content that we're crafting carefully by our team of 14 developers.



These last days have been quite busy, to say the least! We've received a lot of feedback about the game, some of them good - and of course some of them bad. So we've been essentially bug shoveling for the last two weeks.
And today is the day we’re finally able to push that most sizeable patch.

We realize that Edge of Eternity still needs work, it is a huge game and we're a small studio: for this reason your feedback is an invaluable guidance on where we need to focus our efforts, whether it's here on Steam or elsewhere.

For this, we wanted to thank you, and for the overwhelming support you've shown us too!!
  • Removed energy cost from Sprinting and Attack in exploration
  • Removed time / quantity limit from material shopkeepers
  • Improved monster loot tables
  • Reduced material costs to craft armor and weapons
  • Grouped shopkeepers close to the crafting tables areas to prevent having to run through the city to buy all the required materials
  • Modified monster EXP reward curve to give more EXP especially in late chapters
  • Less buried burrower through the world to have a better balance between burrowers and rewards
  • Changed bonus effect from Technomage and Draconic crafting serie
  • Improved crystal tree of Draconic crafting serie
  • Rebalanced peek a boom quest encounter
  • Minor Balancing on Mercury and M4nt1s
  • Increased EXP given by sidequests
  • Rebalanced normal monsters encounters when getting 3 then 4 party members to be harder
  • Minor balancing to defense stats scaling
  • Reduced Ysoris base HP pool
  • Increased Selene base HP / Speed / MagHaste pool
  • Monster groups will now always include all the linked monsters instead of just the closest ones
  • Improved taunt behaviour
  • Modified Gurrn series shamatic stats
Performances and Stability:
  • Minor CPU performances improvements
  • Fixed multiple crash source
  • Diminished streaming texture latency (high resolution textures will show up more quickly)
Polish and improvements:
  • Reworked crystal crafting, you can now control the color of the target crystal, preview the result and shuffle it until it’s the result you want, merging will also now grant +1 level to the target crystal per merged crystal (when using similar tiers crystal)
  • Added equipment stats comparison
  • Added fastloot ui when picking up collectibles on the world so the full loot prompt will not be displayed when picking up collectibles allowing smoother exploration
  • Reworked graphic ambiance of the battlefield scene in the Chapter 0
  • Reworked the character shader to have a better reaction to shadows (prevent some weird wrinkles during cutscenes)
  • Forcing selection on ballista tutorial
  • Reordering weakness icon on interfaces to keep readability
  • Reducing First Tutorials length
  • Merchants sell without limit
  • Loot on mobs is more rewarding
  • More variety of battle items at the end of the fight
  • Materials/weapons/armor require less resources
  • Merchant all together to avoid the return trip
  • Added new animations to multiple NPCs in Inel
  • Improved rendering and lighting in multiple scenes
  • Added a new sidequest “A Matter to Platter” in the Herelsor Ruins (Chapter I)
  • Added new environment assets near the first inn
  • Added facial expressions for Selen's special attack
  • Added facial expressions for Fallon's special attack
  • Added lipsync for Daryon's Special Attack
  • Minor animation improvement in Inn scenes
  • Minor animation improvement in taint and honor quest
  • Minor animation improvement in choice of words quest
  • Polished some cutscenes in chapter 0, 1, 7 and 8
  • Improved Daryon model in chapter 0
  • Minor improvement on Sil model
  • Replaced Trent model
  • Added multiple VFXs and SFXs
  • Enemies status bar in battle will now fade when the camera is too close in battle to prevent view obstruction
  • Switched wake up clock to 24h format
  • Improved transitions of multiple cutscenes
  • Improved taunt behaviour
  • Cleaned up eyelashes in cutscenes with Daryon 3D model
  • Cleaned up eyelashes in cutscenes with Zandra 3D model
  • Fixed some weapons recipes weren’t accessible
  • Fixed one obsidian tablet that wasn’t easily accessible
  • Fixed Morom keeping on trying to reach crystal when player was blocking access
  • Fixed rare softlock occuring during backstab tutorial
  • Fixed rare softlock occuring when interrupting Kora during Duel
  • Fixed Nekaroo Tutorial not appearing if a fight was initiated before
  • Fixed focus lost when browsing through the status UI
  • Fixed Null Description when scanning Bunker aura
  • Fixed element not set for "Won't catch me" and "Cyclone Slasher" skills
  • Fixed possibility to scroll beyond map bounds in open world map view
  • Improved Ozar AI during Tyr Caelum battle
  • Fixed Gurrn casting Acceleration on Player party member
  • Fixed "Kill marked enemy last/first" Battle Objectives not validating when killing several enemies at the same time
  • Fixed Drop Dead Spell Bypassing enemy sleep resistance
  • Remove Accessory filter from inventory interface
  • Counter Attack and Death Mark will no longer proc if Daryon is not in range for an basic attack
  • Fixed an issue causing backstab to not triggering
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur after a teleportation when pressing the inventory button during the loading screen
  • Fixed multiple softlock blocking collider cases through the game
  • Fixed Big Orokko from the legendary hunts that was sometime getting stuck during his pathing
  • Fixed some culling / clipping issues in the Morom Cave (especially on the bridge)
  • Fixed weather affecting the Gideon Cave
  • Fixed multiple battle camera issues on the last bosses
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the battle camera to sometime go underground in cinematic camera
  • Fixed multiple battle camera focus issues in tactical camera
  • Fixed some enemies that were not using correctly their AI
  • Removed random weather in some areas
  • Improved and cleaned up multiple crystal trees
  • Fixed a bug that could scale Daryon’s weapon when spamming attack in exploration
  • Fixed holo decoy not working
  • Fixed a rare bug where a subscene could not be loaded
  • Fixed an UI overlaps case with the Nekaroo race UI
  • Fixed a bug where a shopkeeper state could be transferred to another save in rare situations
  • Removed controller / kbm layout hotswap to prevent some issues with tutorials, you have now to choose a layout in the settings menu
  • Fixed multiple speaker names missing in cutscenes
  • Fixed a rare softlock case with Griff quest in the jungle after fighting the red widow
  • Fixed game was stuck on the press button screen when certain type of controllers were plugged in (like thrustmaster wheels)
  • Fixed Selene spells weren't working on some specific enemies (like Zenzurs)
  • Fixed some localization typos


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Patch and Bestiary Update


New feature: Bestiary

Added directly in your inventory, the bestiary lists each creature you've already faced on Heryon, their habitat areas and what they drop! Now, you can't miss out the crafting feature of the game.




AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates in Edge Of Eternity and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.
DLSS 2.2
NVIDIA DLSS version has been updated to 2.2 bringing new improvements that reduce ghosting (especially noticeable with particles) while improving the image, also the sharpness of the DLSS can now be driven by the sharpness slider in the graphic settings
  • Reduced MagDef on some entities
  • Balanced multiple battle objectives
  • Rebalanced multiple fight
  • Improved performances in different areas: Jungle, Clockworks Fields, Mount Berenroth and Jagholm.
  • Added an algorithm to optimize the number of monsters present on the map at the same time to limit performances drop on wide areas
  • Speeded up loadings (~20%)
  • Improved multiple CPU Performance (Cloth, Particles, Logic)
Polish and improvements:
  • Improved multiple cutscenes, autocutscenes and sidequests
  • Added sprint toggle mode in the options
  • Added new blue armors lootable in the world
  • Improved multiple translations (especially French and Japanese, Chinese improvements coming soon)
  • Added semi scripted cameras on some fights especially with gigantic enemies
  • Polished the lighthouse area in the Solna plain
  • Staging of the NPC improved in Herelsor, Jagholm, Tyr Caelum, Refugees Village, Kora Camp, Wurldzend added new NPCs “work-idle” animations
  • Improved camera in the autocutscene “Caravaner” in Chapter V
  • Added missing NPCs in cages during the Oboros Phases
  • Switch some autocutscene to textbox : the plant Ricardo and the dynevent "Breeding Trouble"
  • Collider added for the canons in Tyr Caelum
  • Crystal visible in the autocutscene "Magic Hates A Vacuum"
  • Animation of Nicholas on his knees during the Oboros Phases
  • Improved the autocutscene when Myrna join the party
  • Now Alpharius is visible before the cutscene “The Reunion” and Derek is visible in the autocutscene
  • Improved camera and some animations in the autocutscene "Welcome to Tyr Caelum"
  • Improved the dynamics event "A Man In Need" with rewards according to the chapter, new animations and objects
  • Improved Nekaroo Controls
  • Improved battle cameras for multiple battles
  • Improved multiple vegetation models
  • Improved multiple scene load triggers to place them in a way that the scene “popping” is not visible anymore
  • Balanced voices volumes of cutscenes from Chapter VI
  • Modified Victory camera algorithm to prevent the camera from going underground when fighting on steepy grounds
  • Polished minor cutscene animations and lipsync
  • Polished audio and tweaks (added missing SFX, Balance, etc…)
  • Fix Nepentha Boss not acting when players were too far
  • Improved feedback for wall control panel during Mercury Fight
  • Fix wrong target spell issue (icon not displayed + effect not applying)
  • Fix Skittan digging outside of battle zone
  • Cleanup battle interface after casting a special attack
  • Fix interface not disappearing when killing the last enemy with a special attack
  • Fix weapon side effect will no longer make battle objectives fail
  • Fix Last boss’ core not spawning at the right place
  • Fix Status UI browsing issue
  • Fix Myrna's first fire knife not causing fire damages
  • Nerf Threptik elemental shift is now ex piring after 3 seconds and can't be shifted if an immunity is already active
  • Added Stalagbomb in Borborygm battle area
  • Fix issue causing a character to have twice a spell in his spellbook
  • Fix Mercury being able to shoot at character that are covered
  • Fix Softlock Equipment occuring when equipping item before the tutorial starts
  • Balancing: Reducing proc time for Stalagbomb + reset proc time when leaving the range
  • Fix defensive stance removed when interactable objects effects are triggered
  • Fix missing name on summoned entity
  • Fix Advancing time not possible when someone was entering casting phase
  • Fix Reynan Earth Snap not reducing HP to one
  • Fix Leader not switching when removing everyone else from the party
  • Fix kill marked enemy first objective failed when a player character dies
  • Fix Borborygm not stopping cannibalism cast when available targets are dead
  • Fix Fallon turning her back when changing side during landmines sequence
  • Fix enemy spawning on top of structures in Valorian pass
  • Fix quick tutorial that were overlapping with main tutorial explanation
  • Fix collisions softlocks in differents areas (Herelsor, Mine, Clockwork field, Junkyard, Mount Berenroth, Cathedral)
  • Fix flashing marker in Herelsor
  • Fixed a rare case when two entities with opposite factions are moved in the same nexus at the same time, the UI will now cancel the action and display a visual feedback
  • Fixed a rare bug where the repulse effect could be called twice resulting in a wrong visual nexus positioning
  • Fixed multiple collision exploit that could result in a game state breaking preventing to progress further in the story
  • Fixed multiple softlock cases
  • Fixed multiple collisions issues
  • Partial fix of a bug that could result on some terrain assets not being loaded until modifying the graphic settings
  • Fixed multiple weather issues with wrong weather in some areas
  • Fixed skinning issues on Myrna causing her skin to go through her clothes in some animations
  • Fixed a rare bug where monsters could spawn visually during a cutscene / autocutscene
  • Monsters cannot spawn on the player anymore
  • Fixed multiple shadow bugs
  • Fixed multiple visual issues
  • Fixed a rare visual bug in the battlefield intro when starting a new game twice in a row that could cause a visual artifact for a few frames
  • Fixed a bug with monster orientation during tower defense phases
  • Fixed a volumetric light issue in Chapter VII
  • Proc effects like weapons passive will not contribute towards bonus objectives anymore (prevent some issues with objectives invalidated by proc effects)
  • Fixed camera going underground when borrowers are digging
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a negative timer with Nekaroo races with slow hard drives
  • Fixed a scaling issue with Daryon sword in the intro chapter
  • Fixed entities being able to attack through walls when using fallback target when the main target died
  • Fixed multiple weather issues with wrong weather in some areas
  • Fixed jittering on the camera in exploration in some rare cases
  • Fixed invalid stats / levels / icons on multiple items
  • Fixed blurriness on the final boss
  • Recycling the last item of an inventory page will not block the UI anymore
  • Fixed food icons not being preloaded when opening innkeepers UI for the first time
  • Fixed stuttering in billboard UIs like monsters informations in the world
  • Removed Myrna from crafting table UI
  • Fixed multiple minor issues around fast travel UI


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Major Update 1.1 is out!

Since the Bestiary Update late in July, we didn't show you some stuff on the working progress content. Although today, we are proud to reveal several new features that we have implemented as well as some other surprises across the open world... Have a look of the trailer below:


First of all, four new enemies now roaming in the open world of Heryon: the Valnakraai, the Ostophagos, the Noir Monarch and your beloved Stalker. Designed in collaboration with the Kickstarter's backers each one have these own abilities and characteristics to get you out of play.

In order to beat them, you are welcome to use the new spell families, like the shadow, the water and the wind. Combined them thanks to the new weather UI to enhance your strengths!


Thanks to your feedback, we have re-balanced the fights. The battles will now prove more challenging, whereas you're fight bosses or mere wandering monsters. Equip your crystals into the brand new gem patterns to triumph over the battlefield.

On a much calmer topic, you could find about ten new side quests in the open world also you can hear new inn dialogues if Fallon doesn't complain...

Lastly, Herelsor City got freshened up! From the former version designed in 2016, the heart of the Astryan Continent is now more consistent with the rest of the universe and got performance improvements.


You can now reach it even faster with the all-new Nekaroo dash, which you can trigger by riding through the dandelions sprinkled all over Heryon.


And most of all, don't miss the new NPC's animations over the different locations of the open world.


Full Patch Notes
New Content
  • Added nine new sidequests
  • Eight new party inn scenes
  • Added four new monsters in the world (Valnakkrai / Ostophagos / Noir Monarch / Stalker)
  • Added new Spells for Daryon, Fallon and Ysoris
  • Features
  • Added Nekaroo boosters, you can now find flowers that can boost the speed of your Nekaroo across the field
  • Fix overlapping text in Teleport interface
  • Fix overlapping arrow and console icon in Shop UI
  • Fix Ysoris Barrier causing some spell to not reduce HP to one
  • Fix Scan UI will now display the squashed stats
  • Fix Creature unable to move to a case to reach an ally
  • Fix Dialog bubble that could hide some interfaces
  • Fix Arc Selection not working properly
  • Fix Klaysha and Borborygm will no longer move when using ejection skills on them
  • Fix Big Orokko not having full HP on Highest difficulty when fighting in the camp
  • Fix Daryon Special attack costing mana
  • Fix Fallon Exploration Attack animation stuck
  • Fix some entities spawning at a wrong position
  • Fix missing icons
  • Fix missing drones during Myrna fight
  • Fix Softlock occurring during equipment tutorial if you already have an equipment set
  • Fix flamethrower/reactor decor interact that could cause no damage
  • Fix passive shield lost when receiving damages blocked by cover
  • Fix Tyr Caelym defense game over not occurring when Ysoris and Selene are dead but ally turrets are still alive
  • Fix Softlock occurring during battle moves
  • Fix Repulse node not triggering case enter event
  • Fix mobs spawning with missing HP in Nightmare difficulty
  • Fix Reynan Golem moving when they are able to merge
  • Fix Softlock occurring during Fallon Fight in Chapter 5
  • Fix Opportunity Attacks triggering when an enemies get healed
  • Fix Web state alteration not removed when dying
  • Fix Passive shield will no longer save characters from bosses finishers (Reinitialize, Apocalypse...)
  • Fix Theia Energy base skills not doing the right amount of damages
  • Fix Possibility to scroll indefinitely in the crystal interface
  • Fix Theia possible softlock occurring for PC layout
  • Fix some sides quests issues
  • Fix missing items in shops
  • Fixing Orokko SFX problems
  • Fixing colliders Solna plain, Elysian Field
  • Fix terrain issues in the Battelfield
  • Fix hole under a stair in the Mount Berenroth
  • Fix some floating asset at Inel and the Inn in the plain
  • Mantis will now stay in stun mode after receiving a hit during its stun phase
  • Changing some battle bonus objectives
  • Better transition when ending Kora Duel battle
  • Mercury phases will now switch after the end of special attacks (in order to understand what's going on)
  • DOT new effects
  • Battle interface is now showing elements affected by the weather
  • Improved gem patterns for all weapons in the game
  • Improved SFX of cutscenes of the last part of the game
  • Improved Final boss music
  • Added and improved NPC animations in the world
  • Staging NPC in the world
  • Reworked Herelsor city models to have better performance and be more consistent with the other parts of the game
  • Improved some controller scheme layout
  • New Damages formula
  • Reducing player backstab damages
  • Reducing Siege weapon damage
  • Normalizing damages for rift spells level 1 and 2
  • Normalizing Daryon Elemental attacks
  • Borborygm battle is now adapted to difficulty set
  • Items are now using a new formula for damages/heal value
  • Special attack bar fill speed reduced
  • Mercury overall balancing
  • Klayshaa in crystal cathedral will now summon adds after Heaven's gate is cast
  • Global heal reduced
  • Zandra will no longer have Thunder Rift
  • Dire Gurnn is now immune to paralyze alteration
  • Resistance and weakness of mobs
  • Reducing the liability of weather damage
  • More frequent collectable items in the game
  • New battle location for King Morom and adds
  • The fight against the three corroded eggs have more decors interact and the adds are more resistant
  • Food liabilities have been reworked
40% off until November 11th
To celebrate this huge Update that we have been prepared since three months, you can grab your Steam copy of the game with a -40% off from November 8th 7PM CEST/10AM PST to November 11th 7PM CEST/10AM PST. Even the raiders of Tyr-Caelum will not offer you this price!

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