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Light Fairytale (Episode 1 & 2)

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A modern, turn-based JRPG inspired by the retro classics. Light Fairytale is set in a dying underground cyberpunk world ruled by a fierce empire.


The game starts with the main character Haru dreaming of vast green plains and a clear blue sky. A scenery he is not supposed to have ever seen, as the world he lives in is deep underground. After confronting with the soldiers who rule this dark society, he will embark on a great adventure discovering the mysteries of the world. Teaming with many allies, including a mysterious, silver haired girl that is key to his quest. The game will span over multiple episodes. A long journey awaits!


The characters are represented as 3D chibi models in-game, but they're shown as realistic Anime-style illustrations during the dialogues and animated 2D cutscenes.




The Augmented Reality goggles can be triggered anytime on the field to display NPC and exit locations, as well as battle zones. Used during battles, they will display enemy data which builds up the more you play thanks to it's Deep Learning feature.


Featuring fast, turn-based battles that occur directly in the field. The core of the battle mechanics is the customizable Orb system that confer elemental abilities to their wearers. The party characters can be in a special status called Fury, where their abilities are maximal.






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