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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age follows the perilous journey of a hunted hero who must uncover the mystery of his fate with the aid of a charismatic cast of supporting characters. They embark on a quest taking them across continents and over vast oceans as they learn of an ominous threat facing the world. Dragon Quest XI brings a massive, gorgeous world to life in a style that blends stylistic cel-shading with photorealistic detail. Engage in a turn-based battle system that eases players into combat with an accessible experience, featuring mechanics simple enough for novices but with enough depth to satisfy long-time fans. DRAGON QUEST XI features tons of side-quests and mini-games that provide enough content to keep you playing for well over 100 hours.



Exp Farming

You'll need one Pep Pip per battle from casino, quest rewards, crossbow completion, or mini medal exchange, put them on Sylvando.
Main Abilites: Hero - Pep Up (Luminary), Erik - Critical Claim (Guile)
           Two of these: Jade- Lightning Thrust (Spears), Serena - Thunder Thrust (Spears), Eight - Hatchet Man (Axes)

  1. Get Rab, Erik, Sylvando, & Jade into Pep and swap them out. Have the Hero use Pep Up when done. (about 10 minutes spamming defend)
  2. Save your game!
  3. Start a random battle anywhere with a party of Hero, Erik, Jade, & Sylvando.
  4. Hero, Jade, Erik use Haulellujah for guaranteed drop + exp bonus (Jade is usually fastest).
  5. Swap Erik for Rab, have Hero Pep Up, and Sylvando use a Pep Pip on Jade.
  6. Wait for the enemies turn to conclude.
  7. Hero, Jade, or Sylvando use Electro Light to change the battle into a fight with 3 Metals (flee and reload if this fails).
  8. Swap Sylvando for Erik.
  9. Rab uses Pep to force sleep the Metals.
  10. Begin killing with critical abilities only

Every 10 levels the encounter changes.

  • 50s: 3x Vicious Metal Slime: About 300k exp, Seed of Life from each
  • 60s: 2x Vicious Metal Slime, 1x Liquid Metal, About 350k exp, Happy Hat from the Liquid
  • 70s: 1x Vicious Metal King, 2x Liquid Metal, About 800k exp, Pep Pip from Metal King

At level 70+ the Metal King returns the Pep Pip you use. Before 70 you'll need to rely on any Pep Pips you have from quest rewards or 125000 tokens.
You'll gain 4-5 levels per fight from 50-70, and like 7-8 from 70-99. So it's reasonable to go from 50 to 99 with the Pep Pip rewards from quest/crossbow completion.


Gold Farming

The best method I've discovered for farming gold would be from Hooper Duper in First Forest Whale Way Station.


Their common steal item is Devilry Drinker. Which sells for 30,000 gold.


Max Skill Points

In order to max out a characters skill grid once you hit level 99, this is how many Seeds of Skill you'll need to feed each character.

  • Hero: 14
  • Erik: 3
  • Jade: 3
  • Rab: 5
  • Eight: 12
  • Serena: 12
  • Veronica: 12
  • Sylvando: 12


If you need more Skill Seeds you can farm them from Malicious Great Keeper in the Dundrasil Region while it's rainy.  Just talk to the cow and rest at the camp site until it's raining if it isn't already for you. The Malicious Great Keeper will be located Southeast of camp near the ruined walls. Gold statues fall from the sky as you get close.


All seeds are rare drops and the Seed of Skill is no exception, so you'll likely want to boost drop rates as much as you can. To do so I recommend equipping any of the following you have:

  • Uniforme de l'Academie (reward for collecting 25 Mini Medals, Magic Key: L'Academie, Quest: The Agony and the Ecstasy)
  • Pirate King's Pendant (Postgame Event in Sniflheim)
  • Bunny Tail (Rare drop from Spiked Hare & Malicious Spiked Hare)


Then you'll want to use Peps Haullelujah (2+ enemies) or Itemized Kill (1 enemy) to get some guaranteed drops.


Casino Prizes

Puerto Valor Casino
Act 1

  • Recipe - Down the Rabbithole: 500
  • Mercury's Bandana: 2,500
  • White Shield: 5,000
  • Yggdrasil Leaf: 5,000
  • Infernails: 7,500
  • Staff of Sentencing: 7,500
  • Arrivistes Vest: 10,000
  • Elevating Vest: 10,000
  • Spangled Dress: 25,000
  • Platinum Sword: 50,000
  • Lightning Lance: 75,000
  • Platinum Powersword: 100,000

Act 2    

  • Recipe - The Mothmask Prophecies: 1,000
  • Sainted Soma: 30,000
  • Metal Slime Sword: 250,000
  • Liquid Metal Helm: 500,000

Act 3

  • Yggdrasil Dew: 10,000
  • Agate of Evolution: 50,000
  • Spectralite: 200,000
  • Devilry Drinker: 800,000


Monster Casino

  • Love Potion: 10,000
  • Medicinal Herb: 25,000
  • Cypress Stick: 50,000
  • Horse Manure: 100,000
  • Boxer Shorts: 500,000
  • Magic Water: 1,000,000


Octagonia Casino
Act 2

  • Love Potion: 100
  • Sage's Elixir: 1,000
  • Bow Tie: 3,000
  • Recipe - Your Very Own Aegis...: 5,000
  • Molten Globules: 20,000
  • Cheat Sheet: 30,000
  • Imp Knife: 60,000
  • Scandalous Swimsuit: 70,000
  • Fire Ball: 80,000
  • Twinkling Tuxedo: 200,000
  • Shimmering Dress: 200,000
  • Happy Hat: 300,000
  • Gringham Whip: 750,000

Act 3

  • Elfin Elixir: 10,000
  • Slime Crown: 50,000
  • Recipe - Uberswords Illustrated: 70,000
  • Gold Bar: 100,000
  • Pep Pip: 125,000
  • Hot Bikini: 150,000
  • Metal King Helm: 1,000,000


Mini Medal Rewards

In Dragon Quest XI the mini medals are back and both yield rewards for collecting a set number of them along with being a currency you can use to exchange for other items after you’ve collected all of the set rewards.


Stamp Rewards

  • 005: Shield-Bearer
  • 010: Hermes’ Hat
  • 020: Rune Staff
  • 025: Uniforme de l’Academie
  • 030: Recipe Book -  Kit Fit for a King
  • 035: Falcon Blade
  • 045: Agility Gilet
  • 050: Glombolero
  • 055: Spiked Armour
  • 060: Miracle Sword
  • 065: Deft Dagger
  • 075: Circle of Serendipity
  • 080: Recipe Book - Styles for All Seasons
  • 090: Recipe Book Glammer Gear for Goer-Getterers
  • 100: Erdwin’s Shield
  • 110: Recipe Book - Making Things with Metal Kings

Exchange Shop

  • Chronocrystal: 2 Medals
  • Elfin Elixir: 3 Medals
  • Pep Pip: 10 Medals
  • Saint’s Ashes: 1 Medal
  • Serpent’s Soul: 3 Medals
  • Spectralite: 3 Medals
  • Uber Agate of Evolution: 5 Medals



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