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Yoshinori Kitase Would Like Final Fantasy VIII Remake Done By The Younger Staff Of Square Enix

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Yoshinori Kitase has been working as the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but he shared his thoughts on a Final Fantasy VIII Remake in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.




Famitsu: What about Final Fantasy VIII Remake?


Yoshinori Kitase: “If the youth that inherits the genes of Final Fantasy can step up and do it, then I’d like to see it made. For Final Fantasy VII Remake, the project started from my desire to make Final Fantasy VII with today’s technology while I’m still here at Square Enix. So I’d like to see it [Final Fantasy VIII Remake] done by the youth of Square Enix.”


Yoshinori Kitase worked on the story, system designs, event scenes, and more as the director of Final Fantasy VIII.


Final Fantasy VIII first released in February 1999 for PlayStation in Japan. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC as of September 3, 2019.


Source: Ryokutya2089

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1 hour ago, CardGames said:

So instead of new games they are just going to start doing remakes now?







Nah, this announcement is basically saying they (as in the old yet current Square-Enix staff) won't do a FF8 Remake. They'll leave it to the young upstarts to eventually do if so they so wish to do so.

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