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"Bridge to Terabithia" Chapter 1

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    • By Catar
      Posting this partly because I'm an authour and always want more readers, but also so that I can pop up in a few sections besides the download center =P
      I finished my first novel about six months ago now, and posted it for free online. If anyone's interested, I'd love some feedback on it.
      Link and a brief synopsis inside:
    • By McLEMUR
      Hi I'm looking to expand into the world of Light Novels that are based on anime and manga.
      I have taken the first steps by completing Novel 'Spice & Wolf' + side stories, to the total of 17 books, and now I'm stumped. I liked S&W and rate it highly, so now I'm looking toward SAO, but the only thing that is stopping me is that SAO is still Work In Progress. It's also behind with fan translations and official release of main story arc. 
      I have several questions:
       - Dose SAO novel has a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the volumes? (will I go insane with anticipation between the volumes?)
       - What other Novels bases on anime or manga are out there, and worth reading? (preferably fully translated, or have a solid point where you can stop reading until next volume)
       - I tried to look up some novels but unfortunately MAL dose not poses accurate information about them. I mean about release dates, scanlations, and translation groups and progress of the groups. Is there a website where i can look up that info? (like in Anime -> AniDB, Manga -> Baka-Updates, or Visual Novels -> VNDB)