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What's the best web hosting option for a small and medium business?

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It depends a lot of factors, mainly, the is the website also going to provide some sort of service (eg e-commerce) or is simply a sort of informative landing page for a business that's 100% offline.

This also effects what tools/features you'll be requiring? Do you know the tool/programming offered?

Also, what region are you targeting, if any? Since having the web host server in the proximity of clients increases the delivery speed a bit.


I haven't been in the website field for several years, but still some good/popular ones are:

  • hostgator
  • arvixe
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • hostinger
  • bluehost
  • godaddy
  • resellerclub
  • wix
  • weebly
  • 000webhost (not that great, but have a great free tier)

I have tried a few of them. But that was a long time ago, so not sure how their services are today, so better read some recent reviews, and check their uptime performance on review sites. 

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