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How download on Amazon?

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with all due respect I honestly believe this topic should be closed the last message regarding the previous post simply speaks volumes regarding this matter and why @Koby was forced to close it but all things considered it should have been closed long ago the thing is people shouldn't be about fighting and quarrelling about matters like this kametsu should be about everybody working together and helping each other out regarding matters the whole situation simply became ridiculous and silly and quite frankly disgusting people please get a grip of yourselfs and simply calm down kamestu has survived a long time now and it should keep on going for years you people really should be ashamed of yourselfs regarding this whole matter all things things considered I think koby did the right thing closing that topic truly disgusting

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^I agree with the sentiment, but Kametsu is way too public. So if everyone worked together and the solution got too popular then nobody could rip these sites as I will explain below...


People act like defeating these DRMs is easy, maybe for some people it is but for most of us it isn't.


A few people ripping say Netflix is a nuisance but nothing they need to worry about, thousands or millions of people ripping Netflix and now they've got a problem.


The worry is them rebuilding their system, if Kametsu wasn't so publicly accessible maybe it'd be safe to openly discuss these things.


I have zero issue with people sharing a tool but it should be in the hands of the right people, that is the problem. Things can be on total lockdown because of the paranoia of a thing potentially being leaked and ultimately becoming worthless because Amazon can't ignore a HUGE problem like that.


Remember: We're trying to poke a hole in a massive companies security system, of course they're going to want to patch it!!


There should be a middle ground but there isn't, hence why any public thread discussing how to defeat Netflix or Amazon is ultimately detrimental to the cause... Remember, if you can see it, so can Amazon/Netflix.


You wanna know what pisses me off more than anything? Braggers. I would never reveal what I can do to anyone, I don't see the point. It invites trouble. So what I can do, maybe everything, maybe nothing ... who is to say.


Not willing to share your tool? Either for good or bad reasons? Fine. Then shut up about it - or at least offer to rip something for us.


I also agree this thread should be locked.

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Next time I see someone tag an admin or mod over something they want to report rather than actually report it, I'm going to start issuing warning. Please utilize the tools we give you guys to control content and warn us of troublemakers.

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