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Popeye the Sailor The 1940s Volume 1 Blu-ray (in stores from december 18 on Blu-ray)

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@Koby you may not have heard abou this 

if you are classic cartoon fan or die hard popeye fan then I highly recommend buying this it's offical by the way

the popeye series continues on blu-ray





Jerry Beck has stressed that the future of quality classic cartoon releases will depend on how well this title sells And unlike with Porky Pig 101 where the presentation was a factor this time there are no excuses If Popeye doesn't do well then this will most likely be it for classic animation from Warner Archive

So seriously if you have even a passing interest in Popeye, definitely order this title to help ensure that more releases of Warner's classic cartoon properties come our way Once again it all depends on us

Let’s prove to Warner Bros. that we want further volumes of Popeye 1940s and 1950s – and we want more Warner and MGM cartoons restored and released. It’s seriously up to everybody


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