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I am may too nostalgic, but I capture many hours a day of different tv stations, like in the old VHS times (I already have over 700 of them...). I would share this with the others, but it seems there is no place for this here. May an idea, or may I am just too old and nostalgic?

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by chance do you have maybe these rare movie @PaulF tv caps that is please

pinocchio 1967 english dub 



the english dub is on youtube but has poor quality sadly:(

the english dub was released on vhs but it is out of print

it was released on dvd but has german audio only

or maybe

Pinocchio BBC 1978 Barry Letts - Doctor Who

I think it's only available on vhs the torrent is very much dead for this unfortunately

sorry to link this but it is not easy to find in all honesty (it's dead by the way)


maybe you can make a small list of what you have if some people express interest in what you have then with all due respect they can pm you privately pm messages are private after all what do you think?


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I think you missunderstand my post. I start a capture of, lets say, boomerang, let it run for, lets say, 6 hours, give it a nice filename and capture the next station.

Actually I have this in my collection:







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