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What is Playon.tv

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Does it really just rip the video file to your computer to .MP4 or is there more to it?

I been trying to find something to rip stuff like amazon, wwe and Netflix and such but cant find anything.

My normal WWE Network downloader is now wanting me to pay to get the high quality rips which it wont accept my card so I have that issue as well.

But if Playon does do all that for the low monthly price I would be will to get it

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Basically it runs a virtual browser you don't see or hear and screencaps that.


Its limited to 720p and comes with all problems associated with screencapping 


For example:

1) Amazons quality will start very pixelated just as it does when watching it

2) Buffering, Playon cannot detect when buffering happens it literally just records the time where no video plays


Playon is rubbish.

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