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Custom blu ray project

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Ok n a way its art because I do the artwork for these sets and I may be posting this in the wrong section its not really a request or anything haha.

Im doing a huge blu ray project for myself to clear a lot of stuff off my hard drives and to do this project I need a little bit of help not much but all the cartoon sets I will be uploading on here in iso format once done.

Im doing

Cartoon Network by Year

Nickelodeon By Year

Disney by Year

Adult Swim by Year

and TV Networks such as CBS NBC FOX ABC CW by TV Season

Networks like FX FXX HBO STARS Im doing by Year

Right now I got Nickelodeon 2007 started (Missing a few Shows I Have Requested)

Cartoon Network 2018 (Have Most just need help on air date because the list and episode numbers Im finding do not match

FX/FXX 2018 got everything already compiling and almost done with it.

and all the main networks disc 1s are almost done

I will be uploading cover art in here as well as uploading links to my gdrive once each disc is done.


Pretty much if anyone could help me with air dates would be awesome.

Its sad to post this but these sets are not going to be for sale Im doing them for fun and for myself (but have to put that because people are crazy haha)

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