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You can be alone without being lonely and you can be lonely without being alone... but me? I guess I'm a little of both. I've spent so much time hidden away I don't know how to relate to any of the people walking the streets, they shop in markets, huddle in coffee shops, smile and chuckle gingerly, elbows bent at restaurant tables... but there's something innately broken about my interactions. I tremble, my teeth, tense in my gums, thrash against each other and eye contact is a terror, a mark of weakness on my heart. I used to stare at my feet when I talked to people but lately I've developed a technique for focussing my eyes just to the left or maybe a little to the right of someones head... that way I never have to look anyone in the eyes and they would never know that I can't. I've been wondering if that's progress? The greeting I get most from people who've never spoken to me before? "Are you okay"? NO! no a million times hidden behind an awkward smile and empty reassurance... "I'm fine, really" really I am.  ~Terminal Introvert, SpaceCreep

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The air was still, so still infact you could almost smell the snow melting down on itself. An eerie sort of stillness, the lack of stirring present only when things are preparing to go horribly wrong, overpowering any sense of control, no, today I was not pulling the strings, the world was my master and I its helpless marionette.

~Anxiety, SpaceCreep

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