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    • By VON
      I’m thinking of learning touch typing to improve my typing speed & accuracy, I have tried it a little but I find it very uncomfortable & difficult reaching certain keys with the correct fingers. Is this just because I’m starting out or does anyone else experience this?
      I’m 19 & currently use three fingers per hand to type, I subconsciously know where the keys are on my keyboard since I can somewhat type without looking (with errors). How long would it take to learn touch typing & break my current typing technique?
    • By Insanityngenius
      Hey guys just thought it would be fun to put together a little vote on what ecchi do you think is best  of this list :).  The list below will obviously not have hentai and will only be ones that have been dubbed so sorry no Seikon No Qwaiser.
      Rules: You can only choose one of the choices below.  Just type the name or number of  your choice  .   Feel free to comment whatever you want, I would like to hear your top ten overall ecchi.  None of these are categorized from best to worst they are just thrown down.
                                                                votes                                                votes                                     Votes
      1 : High School DXD-                            (0)      9: Demon King Daimo              (0)      | 17: Kanokon             (0)
      2: Rosario + Vampire -                         (0)     10: Shuffle                               (0)       |18: Maken-Ki!           (0) 
      3: High School of the Dead                    (2)     11: Dance in the vampire bund  (0)       |19: Queen's Blade    (0)
      4: Sekirei -                                          (0)     12: Keijo!!!                               (0)       |20: Bikini Warriors.  (0)
      5: Heaven's Lost Property                      (0)    13: Freezing                             (0)       
      6: Is this a Zombie?                              (0)    14: Ikkitousen                           (0)
      7: Hanagai                                          (1)    15: Absolute Dou                       (0)                      
      8: Shimoneta a Boring World .. ect..      (0)    16: Girls Bravo                          (1)   
      After writing all that I was like there had to be a better way then to number them manually.... yup stupid me anyway its not neat but whatever.
      Also I know that i'm missing a lot, but hey good enough list if you have one you like better do tell.
    • By manc4life
      Remember how CR announced that they would be dubbing and releasing their shows before eh partnership with Funimation was announced

      Any updates on it?? 
      Anyone read, seee anything related to it.
    • By Etzimal
      General thread for best girl(s) / guy(s)!
      Please don't be rude. Respect each others taste.
      [center][spoiler] [url=Link_to_character][img.]Link_to_image[/img][/url] [/spoiler][/center] //I do 3 to a row. You can do however many to a row you want. Doesn't have to be MAL links. Can be imgur images and AniDB character links. Use what you like best! //(Do this in Notepad++. The forum messes with the BBCode stuff.) [Take "." off of [img.]... Forum is mean.] (32mb of images. Open at your own risk!)
      You can never have too many best girls and you never have enough! (Ordered by anime until I start editing it with more bests.)
    • By J-Lord
      Destiny: Rise of Iron
      It seems Destiny player will be getting another expansion before Destiny 2 gets announced. The new Expansion is 'Rise of Iron' and will focus on a new enemy kind of like the taken currently known as the plague that has  taken over fallen enemies. The new Expansion will add much more new content to the game including armor, weapons, a new social space, missions, raid and much more.
      It is set for release on the 20th of September this year with a retail price of $29.99 as of writing this and will only be coming to the new generation of consoles the PS4 and Xbox One, leaving the PS3 and Xbox 360 behind.
      Official Trailer: