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Sunrise & Legendary Announce Live-Action Gundam Film

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CWr4uf5.jpgThe Gundam.info portal website began streaming a video on Friday that recaps the Sunrise panel where Sunrise and Legendary announced a live-action Hollywood Gundam film on Thursday. The video includes the announcement video for the film and noted that "co-production has begun" and both Legendary and Sunrise are collaborating on the scenario.


Legendary's Executive Vice-President of Production Cale Boyter and Bandai Namco Holdings President and Representative Director Mitsuaki Taguchi appeared at the event. Robert Napton, former Bandai Entertainment Director of Marketing and Legendary Comics' current Senior Vice President of Publishing, moderated the panel segment about the live-action film project.


The "Gundam Franchise's New Work Unveiling" event in April had listed a tentatively titled Mobile Suit Gundam UC2 (Kidō Senshi Gundam UC2) project that would have an "overseas drama" format. The listing said the project takes place in Universal Calendar 0104 and would launch in 2022.


After showing the listing at the April event, the Sunrise studio's emcee and one of the event's guests, Gundam Unicorn novelist Harutoshi Fukui, quickly told the audience to "pretend you didn't see that" visual.



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I don't know how I feel about this, more Gundam is great but live action? Also I was quiet disappointed with Legendary's Godzilla adaptation.

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GREAT...another classic ruined.


Ghost in the Shell. Dragon Ball. Deathnote.


How many duds do we need made?

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