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Random and Prob Unpopular thoughts

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I feel that in most cases the guy should pay for the date.


high priced coffee is not worth it . 


Binge watching a show after it has finished airing on tv is not the same as waiting and anticipating its release. 


Public displays of affection are gross! Go somewhere private . 


Getting more hours at work >>> partying with friends


if you have an amazing average in a class please do not come up to me talking like "omg i think i failed that test "


being up early is better than being up late


eating breakfast is gross


typing/posting how you talk is better than one long drawn out post . 

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On 6/14/2018 at 12:28 PM, toonami335 said:

Actual books are better than kindle and stuff.

I like keeping physical disks of games.

'Real Books' you say? Hmmm... what are those? Never heard of them. :P



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Actual books make a nice aesthetic. But, eBooks are more convenient in terms of space.


Here’s one: the nostalgia surrounding cartoons from our childhood is incredibly annoying, especially when a lot of cartoons have not aged well.

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16 hours ago, Zachimillius said:

Books are a pain in the arse when it comes to moving though. So many boxes...

Yeah. Books are a high maintenance hobby, for sure. I built a library over many years... what was shown in the image is a tiny portion I had on display at one time. They are lots a fun to pack and move, yes.

I actually do all my reading on a tablet. But, for me nothing can take the place of real books. But, I don't just own them so I can read them. I don't just love the stories, I love the books themselves. :) Psycho... Reader...  yeah!!! xD

I think if you ask any comic collector they will tell you the same thing. No matter how cool the e-book and digital versions are for reading, and they are amazingly cool, you still gotta have the real thing.


We... R.O.D. -> Read Or Die, I guess.  :ewhz:  :red_heart:

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