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About the new Ubuntu 18.04

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So today/yesterday (depending on timezone), Ubuntu 18.04 with the new Gnome interface was released.

I was sitting for a while looking at the release page (the release got delayed because of a last minute bug) with eager anticipation.

This version is a major turning point because the entire UI was changed from Unity to Gnome.

I for one, liked Unity very much. The first linux I ever used was ubuntu and it came with Unity. So, for me, it's like a core part of Ubuntu was taken away. I know a lot of people prefer other UI to Unity.

What are you guys' thoughts on dropping Unity in favor of Gnome?

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Yes it's something to get used to, but it is tweaked a lot to look like the Unity UI and gnome isn't all that bad like many Linux users say. I personally like the change if I'm totally honest ^_^

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I'm starting to get used to the new Gnome interface. For one, it looks a lot like the Unity UI. Some parts are still a bit unstable at this point. But I figure those issues will be solved in the 18.04.1 update.

Also, some of the programs I use have yet to come up with packages for 18.04 so I'm using the 16.04 versions of those with no issues till date.

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