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Hello everyone. Thank you for allowing me into your(not so little) community. I am generally pretty chill, so I hope we all get along. :)

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    • By marsv
      Hi, I'm an Anime and Cartoons fan, since 3 or 4 years ago I'm trying to collect as many cartoons and animes for my collection remembering those beautiful years.
      As soon as I get it I'll make my first contribution to this forum. (I'll try to be an active user).
      Don't know what else to say so... Have a nice day!
    • By braverobin
      I just want to introduce myself! braverobin here!
    • By jvillasenor18
      Hi Everyone, 
      Came here after creating my account. I'm not an anime expert by any means but I do spend a fair amount of time watching. At the moment I'm working my way through Hunter x Hunter but really loved Into The Abyss and Girl's Last Tour. If you haven't checked them out, you have a treat waiting for you! Besides anime I enjoy making videos, photography, and biking. Looking forward to being more active here. 
    • By O_Aniki
      Hello there everybody on Kametsu,
      I'm niki, but as this nik is almost always already taken I decided to prepend O_A making it O_Aniki a few years back.
      As I originate from Germany and never got around learning decent english I beg your pardon if I'm uncomprehensive at times.
      I started getting interested in anime some 14 years ago (more or less) and since then have watch a lot of diferent shows.
      That's why I can't really decide which are in the top 5 and which are not. But none the less a few favorites of mine:
      Sword Art Online , Berserk , Love Hina , Neon Genesis Evangelion , Scryed , Those Who Hunt Elves , REcord of Lodoss War , El Hazard and many many more.
      Over the Years I have watched more than 1000 (yes, thousand no typo) anime series, movies, ova und co. and only seldomly were there anything real bad amongst them.
      In the Past I also read a few selected manga, like Bersek and Angel Sanctuary but as i hadn't always much time I stopped doing so after a few years.
      Gaming is a thing of its own.
      In recent years I have gotten hooked on Paradox Titles like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis and of course Blizzard's Diablo and Wargaming's World of Tanks.
      But through all my years in front of a PC I have always liked strategy and development games.
      At the moment I'm improving my education at university, studying informatics in bachelor.
      I stumbled upon Kametsu on some Nyaa-posts of members releasing stuff and afterwards hung around kametsu irc-channel for about 2 years.
      I just thought it would be polite to officially say hello to the comunity.
      greetings and a good time
    • By WhiteE
      Heya everyone!
      My name is WhiteE!
      I’m 13 years old!
      I’m from Hungary!
      I’m currently learning in a primary school!
      My favourite genres are Shōnen, Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen and Romance!
      My favourite animes are Sword Art Online (All Seasons, OVA, Movie) , K (All Seasons, Movie), High School DxD (All Seasons), Haikyuu (All Seasons, OVA) and Attack on Titan (All Seasons, OVA)!
      Manga and Webtoons
      I don’t read too much manga, but here are my favourites: Attack on Titan, Hitogatana and Haikyu!!
      I prefer webtoons over mangas and I love to read a very special and exciting webtoon called, DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything!
      I like to play games, because I can chill after a good day and just enjoy some very interesting and excellent games!
      My favourite games are League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dark Souls 3 and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4!