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Hello everyone. Thank you for allowing me into your(not so little) community. I am generally pretty chill, so I hope we all get along. :)

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    • By NightmareMaris
      Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon this forum and figured I'd join!
    • By MagicMan
      Hi there! I joined this site to participate in some specific threads, but maybe I can take a look at the rest of it later on. Nice to be here with y'all!
    • By albusdddd
      Hi everyone! It's such a great community and I hope to be with you guys for a long time.
    • By marsv
      Hi, I'm an Anime and Cartoons fan, since 3 or 4 years ago I'm trying to collect as many cartoons and animes for my collection remembering those beautiful years.
      As soon as I get it I'll make my first contribution to this forum. (I'll try to be an active user).
      Don't know what else to say so... Have a nice day!
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      I just want to introduce myself! braverobin here!