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How to set default subtitle font in video encoding software

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Are there any ways to set default subtitle font for videos encoded on staxrip or MeGUI. If there is a way I would like all the help I can get. I'm an encoder, still a rookie though :D

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You can either demux the subtitles and change the font in the .ass files manually or in Aegisub, or it is possible to change the fonts dynamically during playback.




To demux the subs, use ffmpeg or mkvtoolsnix with a demuxing addon like gMKVExtractGUI.

ffmpeg -i video.mkv -c copy out.ass

For ffmpeg, use the -map switch to specify which one to extract in multi-sub files.


To change the default during playback: In MPV-HC -> rightclick the main window -> subtitle track -> make sure "Default Style" is checked, and that will override some of styling information in styled subs.


Fonts cannot be changed in burned in/hardsubbed streams.

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