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DBZ Kai Ocean Dub

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2 hours ago, DarkDream787 said:

I had no idea Ocean was even going to bother to dub anymore DBZ related materials. I thought they were done with DBZ and anything related to it.

Well, it's not so much Ocean, but who hired Ocean, which we won't know until it possibly airs in Canada. Ocean is currently in talks with Wow! Unlimited Media who just registered their own network in conjunction with Bell Media regarding broadcasting it. If Toei signs off on it, and the price is right for everybody, we'll be seeing it.


But as far as the production itself, that's all said and done, they've dubbed all 98 episodes of Kai 1.0 already.

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20 hours ago, DigiPokeMon said:

Will Ocean do a dub of DB Super?

That is all dependent on whether or not their dub of Kai airs on TV. While it's entirely possible that Wow! would contract FUNimation for their episodes of The Final Chapters and Super, I don't personally see that happening and it certainly wouldn't be consistent with their actions to recover Ocean's dub from the ruins.


So for the time being, they just have Kai 1.0 to distribute, and it's up to Wow! Unlimited to finance more episodes getting made. As well as the company that contracted Ocean in the first place. It would be downright foolish in anyone's eyes to dub any more of the franchise until a distribution platform is properly set up for them.

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